Hypocrite: You Won’t Believe The “Essential” Reason DC Mayor Flouted Her Own Travel Restrictions

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – As you have likely come to realize by now, Democrats are above their own rules. They make the rules for the rest of us lowly peons but they don’t have to follow them. The Democrats in power across the United States have not been shy about imposing absurd, oppressive rules and regulations on us all in the name of public health safety while simultaneously flouting them themselves.

Tyrant governors in states like Pennsylvania, California, and New York have made up nonsensical rules to stop the spread of COVID except they don’t feel the need to follow the rules themselves. While businesses in California and Pennsylvania were forced to be closed that certainly didn’t apply to the businesses of the state’s governors.

DC Mayor, Democrat Muriel Bowser, also does not feel the need to follow the rules she herself has imposed. Despite the fact that under DC mandates, visitors to Delaware must quarantine when they return to DC, Bowser went ahead and took a trip to Delaware to attend Joe Biden’s victory speech. She then claimed that it was “essential travel” and exempt under DC’s restrictions. She gets to do that since she is the Mayor and you and I aren’t.

Bowser’s office released an updated list of high risk states, which included Delaware, on November 2. The travel restriction list notes that “anyone coming into Washington DC from a high-risk state (within the prior 14 days) who was traveling for non-essential activities will be required to self-quarantine for 14 days from their arrival in the District.”

“Individuals traveling from high-risk states after essential travel or arriving in the District for essential travel are required to self-monitor for symptoms of COVID-19 for 14 days and, if they show signs or experience symptoms of COVID-19, they are to self-quarantine and seek medical advice or testing,” the order said.

Despite her own order, Bowser traveled to Delaware and attended Biden’s victory speech in Wilmington, Delaware. Deputy Mayor John Falcicchio told the Daily Caller News Foundation about her attendance.

“On Saturday, Mayor Bowser attended the remarks of the President-elect and the Vice President-elect and met with a few people on their team,” Falcicchio said. “She went on Saturday evening and returned the same evening for this essential travel.”

Though no one has clarified why this trip was “essential.” Voting in person wasn’t considered “essential” for Democrats though that is the much safer and secure way to vote but traveling to a supposed high-risk state to attend a speech she could have easily watched on TV was, apparently, “essential.” Makes sense.

Bowser’s office has previously defined “essential travel” as “travel related to the provision of, or access to, Essential Activities, Essential Governmental Functions, Essential Businesses, or Minimum Basic Operations, including travel to and from work to operate Essential Businesses or maintain Essential Governmental Functions.”

BizPac Review sums up essential travel as “travel to care for vulnerable persons, to a house of worship, to an educational institution to get educational materials, travel to a return home outside of D.C., travel required by the law, or travel within the D.C. region ‘to engage in allowable activities under that jurisdiction’s laws.’”

The coronavirus is really only a threat when Democrats decide it is. As we’ve seen since the spring, riots and looting are fine and safe. Peaceful protests are just fine also, as long as it’s for a leftist cause. Should thousands of Trump supporters gather, that is dangerous but thousands of Black Lives Matter rioters can come together to cause bedlam and that is safe.

Apparently, traveling to high-risk states to attend a Joe Biden speech is also “safe.”

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  1. I hope Trump wins, than I’d like to see the nasty smiles of Demo. disappear. What drives me crazy is why do people still vote for Demo. when Demo. don’t give a damn about the people but only the power over people. I guess people like slavery.

    • For some reason the dead vote is always for the dems .. why is that ?
      They’re cheaters and criminals or ..progressive liberal filth.

  2. Maybe, just maybe after the dust settles to expose the totally corrupt rat party of democrats, the nation can come to some sort of order and sanity. However, with the looneys of the left harboring the mental deterioration of TDS, we may have to resort to the good old days … the fairies and phonies of blm, antifa and the like may receive their just rewards in the manner of old fashion whooopins!!

  3. I’d suggest she stay in the District of Corruption for the day Trump is certified as our next potus and Obiden is arrested with her her obama . Then she can help clean up after the riots and looting Obiden’s voters caused .

    Also , get that blm crap off the streets.. that’s disgusting!

  4. Interesting what the corrupt democrats label essential. There was a state congressional rep who had to beg to have Hydroxychloquine to save her life, but the governor had made it illegal to prescribe the proven cure to be used. It is not essential to save people’s lives, but it is essential to keep the pandemic going so they can maintain control.

  5. Cheaters giving victory speeches before an election is certified is plain crazy, but we are dealing with today’s progressive liberal trash that’s infiltrated the democrat party.

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