Huge: The Pennsylvania Ruling That Deemed Trump Suit As Having “High Likelihood To Succeed”

( Exclusive) – A Pennsylvania appellate court judge has issued a temporary injunction against the key electoral state’s election results.

This ruling came Wednesday, as various explosive new lawsuits were also filed challenging the results of the election in other contested states.

On Friday, the PA judge issued an opinion explaining her decision and it’s getting Trump supporters pretty excited as it appears to mark a key shift in the direction the campaign’s legal challenges to the campaign.

Commonwealth Court Judge Patricia McCullough stated that it is likely the efforts will be successful.

“Petitioners appear to have established a likelihood to succeed on the merits because petitioners have asserted the Constitution does not provide a mechanism for the legislature to allow for expansion of absentee voting without a constitutional amendment,” she wrote.

“Petitioners appear to have a viable claim that the mail-in ballot procedures set forth in Act 77 contravene [a provision in the state’s Constitution] as the plain language of that constitutional provision is at odds with the mail-in provisions of Act 77.”

Act 77 was signed into law in October of 2019 as BizPac Review explains. It grants state residents the right to request absentee ballots without providing any legitimate reason.

Prior to the signing of the law, such “excuses” for the need for an absentee ballot including being a college student, someone who is working or on vacation in another location at the time of an election, someone who is physically disabled, a member of the military, or has a religious conflict (such as an election taking place on a sacred religious holiday).

The plaintiffs had argued that, by removing the requirement of these excuses to in-person voting, the state had effectively implemented universal mail-in voting under the thin guise of no-excuse absentee voting.

This, they asserted, had no “constitutional authority.”

McCullough, it seems, agreed.

“Since this presents an issue of law which has already been thoroughly briefed by the parties, this Court can state that Petitioners have a likelihood of success on the merits of its Pennsylvania Constitutional claim,” she also wrote.

She repeated this assessment of the future of the plaintiff’s legal challenges.

“Additionally, petitioners appear to have established a likelihood to succeed,” she also stated.

Memorandum Opinion Filed in Pennsylvania by Judge McCullough – Election Likely Unconstitutional

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  1. This rewriting of laws has to stop. In most states laws cannot be changed except by the legislature of that state. But various Governors, Attorneys General and courts have taken it upon themselves to change the law. This certainly seems to be unconstitutional, but yet they do it and in many states they get away with it. It is time the Supreme Court stepped in and stopped this practice. Before it is too late and we have the same type system them have in Communist, Marxist, Totalitarian countries. The USA is supposed to be a land of laws. So why is breaking the laws willy-nilly by the Democrats allowed?

    I think all judges who seem to think they can rule from the bench; against the will of the Legislature and the will of the people, should be impeached. Activist judges are not good, honorable people!

  2. How convenient is a pandemic of fear created by the democratic governors who have desired a justification to force submission on the American population. the down playing and dismissing therapeutics that will cure and feeding fear into the minds and requiring masks and social distancing as a substitute for the medication of Hydroxylchloriquine that have saved thousands of lives and could have saved thousands more. But control via the fear is more satisfying to the democrats.

    • “New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham (D) has put immense pressure on businesses with her “abrupt” lockdown order – forcing “nonessential” businesses to close and creating what has been dubbed “modern breadlines” — with people waiting 2-4 hours to enter essential retailers, . . .”

      Aren’t democrat governors grand?

    • “The NFL decided to close all team facilities on Monday and Tuesday in an attempt to contain what they believe will be a significant spike in coronavirus cases after players and staff spent time with family members from out of town over the Thanksgiving holiday.”

      Democrats and their irrational god complex are the pits!

    • “Padilla awarded the multi-million dollar contract to Democrat public relations firm SKDKnickerbocker (SKDK) in August as part of a voter outreach program, the Washington Free Beacon reported. However, Democrat State Controller Betty Yee’s office refused to approve the contract, arguing that Padilla did not have the authority to pay it out.
      The money could “ease his path to being appointed to fill Harris’s seat,” the report said. California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) is planning to announce Harris’s replacement in the Senate before January 20.”

      Are not the democrats the slimiest critters stuffed into a business suit? So interested in the People’s welfare?

    • “Obama-era CIA Director John Brennan on Friday lashed out at the killing of the head of Iran’s nuclear program, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, labeling his death a “criminal act.”

      It is a marvel how the Obama Administration and sedition/treasonous shadow government in the dark corners of corruption, values what appears and pragmatically has enemy agents in our government hierarchy at tax payer’s expense and they are never required to be accountable to the law!

    • “U.S. Women’s Soccer Team Wears Black Lives Matter Jackets to International Match”

      Interesting that a Soccer team supports the burning, killing and looting in our American cities by a thinly veiled criminal enterprise posing as a advocate for valuing black lives, of which they have killed and destroyed the lives of black, law respecting. hard working people.

    • Will Americans EVER wake up from the debilitating mental stupor the democrats have gleefully lead and prodded us into ?


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