Huge: The Coronavirus Tracking Project’s Numbers Are Suspect After They Are Caught Tacking On Previous Deaths To Current Totals

(Gateway Pundit) – Twitter user Kyle Lamb put together a chart showing the number of deaths reported by the Coronavirus Tracking Project linked to the China coronavirus.

The results of his work show that the CTP is adding deaths each week from prior periods that make the current period death totals appear greater than they really are and some of these additions are very suspect.

The number of deaths reported publicly come from the Covid Tracking Project.

Kyle Lamb created a chart using data from the CDC that shows the number of COVID-19 deaths reported by the CDC and the weeks the death occurred. In the chart below he shows the total number of deaths from COVID-19 reported by the CDC in the top row in grey. These totals change as each week passes with new deaths being reported per week as is expected.

In a typical mortality table you should see a few deaths being reported in week one and many more in the following few weeks but then the number of deaths reported that occurred during a specific week decrease as time goes by. After a few weeks this lag in reporting diminishes and eventually all deaths are reported. This is typical in the insurance industry where the industry accounts for deaths being reported on a consistent rate over time with very few claims reported after a few months from the date of event (i.e. the date someone died). This may seem morbid to those not in the insurance industry but this is how it is done. Rarely are there jumps in reporting in prior periods unless something odd is going on (e.g. fraud).

What Kyle Lamb shows in his analysis is that the CDC is reporting deaths on a weekly basis. Many of the deaths are reported in the first few weeks after the death occurred (see cells in red, orange and yellow).

Lamb reports what he is seeing:

Another individual took the data from the CDC used by Kyle Lamb and created a chart showing anomalies in CDC reporting. During this past week, the number of deaths reported included deaths from April which were suddenly reported this week.

Another individual put together a chart based on the CDC data that shows that deaths have been decreasing since April – no matter what the MSM says:

Data reported by the CDC indicates that the China coronavirus reached its peak in mortality in April. The number deaths reported this past week included thousands of deaths from April. The CDC doesn’t share that the deaths reported in a given week include deaths from months ago.


  1. The numbers posted for our county on the CDC chart map change all the time within a few min. It has poster over 1,700 to 105 with in a min. with 183 during the three times it was used. Not at all valid reporting.


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