Huge! Supreme Court Stops Obama Judge From Ending Voter ID For Voting In Alabama

(Gateway Pundit) – The US Supreme Court on Thursday blocked a lower-court ruling that would have allowed residents of Alabama to vote by absentee ballot without providing a copy of a photo ID.

Alabama also requires the absentee ballot to be signed by two witnesses or notarized.

Last month, Obama-appointed judge Abdul Kallon waived the requirement for photo ID or that voters get their absentee ballots notarized.

Abdul Kallon also said Alabama could not forbid local officials from allowing ‘curbside’ voting during the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Supreme Court blocked the Obama judge’s order in a 5-4 ruling.

Reuters reported:

A U.S. district court judge in Birmingham, Alabama’s largest city, issued a ruling in June that would have effectively freed voters from the photo I.D. requirement, in some counties, if they are 65 or older or have a disability. Under that ruling, voters with medical conditions that put them at risk of COVID-19 could sidestep the requirement to have their ballots signed by a witness.

The judge also would have blocked Alabama from restricting counties that wished to establish curbside voting.

But the Supreme Court blocked the district court ruling in a 5-4 decision along ideological lines at least until an appeals process is resolved.

The case deals with Alabama’s July 14 runoff election, which was postponed from March due to the pandemic and includes a Republican Senate primary between onetime U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions and former college football coach Tommy Tuberville.


  1. IM just an old country boy that was raised on the belief that honesty was ALWAYS the best policy, And I do believe that voting is a privilege and a right for citizens only. Only a complete loon would support having illegals voting in our elections, If you are NOT A CITIZENS you dont vote its just that simple and VOTER I.D. is a requirement before casting a vote.

  2. This so called governor in Virginia on July first made it legal for non- citizens to obtain a driver’s license . The last question on the application form asks if THEY WANT TO BE REGISTERED TO VOTE without any validation of citizenship. NOW, also on July first, picture ID is NOT required. NO WONDER THE DEMOCRATS HAVE BEEN PUTTING FORTH SUCH A DISASTEROUS CANDIDATE for president and really stupid ideas for their platform. They are planning and are orchestrating winning the office via voter fraud. 2016 was just a practice run for democratic voter fraud.

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