Huge: Strzok-Page Texts Were Not Unearthed By Sharp FBI Investigative Work – Strzok’s Angry And Scorned Wife Turned Him In After Finding Texts On His Phone!

(Gateway Pundit) – Oh my – the reason corrupt FBI agent Peter Strzok was caught texting his lover in the FBI, Lisa Page, was not due to incredible investigative work.

The reason was the oldest explanation in the book – his jealous and scorned wife!

Above: Peter Strzok, Lisa Page

We are only now finding out how Peter Strzok got caught texting his mistress Lisa Page at the FBI. He was outed by his wife –

Sidney Powell summed it up – “There is some justice in that!”

Flashback: Officials Found Phones From Deep State Lovebirds Strzok And Page Were Scrubbed Clean – Same Crime They Threatened Trump Supporters With

Evidence shows Deep State lovebirds Peter Strzok and Lisa page destroyed evidence from their government devices — Would face prosecution if they were Trump supporters.

According to information from the IG report intel officials were unable to retrieve text messages from three devices belonging to Strzok and Page.

According to reports in 2018 Mueller’s team wiped ALL of the data from Peter Strzok’s iPhone after they determined it contained “no substantive text messages.”

The corrupt officials at the FBI did this.

Via Jordan Schacktel.

In an April 4, 2017 text message Peter Strzok tells Lisa Page his wife was on to them.

Strzok admits that he lied to his wife about sending flowers to his mistress.

This is the same crime the FBI, DOJ, Mueller Team indicted and threatened Trump associates with.

Via investigative reporter D. Manny:

** Jerome Corsi’s stepson Andrew Stettner was subpoenaed by [Mueller-DOJ-FBI] regarding messages including a conversation in which Stettner said a computer that had been on Corsi’s desk had been “scrubbed.”

** Papadopoulos deletes his Facebook account and creates a new one.


  1. I’m still waiting for the “honest” FBI agents to surface. They don’t exist. Amerika has been ruled by liars for 160 years. Stupid people still believe them. Stupid people should NOT be allowed to vote, or move freely in a “civil society” Amerika is not civil.

  2. Still walking around free. Not even an indictment. How much more proof does the courts need to CONVICT all these individuals involved in the 1st coup. Then go after those involved in the 2nd coup. Yes the “impeachment inquiry”. Lying under oath should not be tolerated any longer. There are some very stiff sentences for perjury.

  3. N.Y. Times fake news reports the IG report shows no BIAS
    from the FBI. HOW ABOUT THAT FOR A FULL LOAD OF B–L S–T????????????????
    I’d like to see every one of these creatures who took part in this COUP INDICTED.
    God Bless President Trump. #KAG

  4. Why isn’t he LOCKED UP awaiting trial for TREASON and SEDITION yet? This “two tiered” justice system has GOT to GO! Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great Again).

  5. I guess the liberal trash would consider his wife to not being a reliable witness, after all she is just married to the low life SOB.

  6. Nobody can fix our corrupt two-tiered legal system but Bill Barr and John Durham.

    I pray they have the courage to save this Country. If they do not, we may have Civil War 2.0.

    These people have a grave responsibility.

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

  7. All this crooks should be rounded up and dropped in the middle of the ocean.
    Why waste money trying them and incarceration…Round up as many as you
    can dump and keep rounding them up and dumping until they are all gone..
    It is the best way to get it done…Mexico at one time use to do that….

  8. Every thing this human waste call DEMORATS and FAKE NEWS have accused the President of doing with nothing but lies and innuendo has been proved to be what the DUNGcrats participated in since 2015 through the last four years and yet no justice to them and the lib’s call their attack is protecting the Democracy, what a joke.

  9. My opinion of the FBI now equals my opinion of Democrats in Congress. They are corrupt and couldn’t find their ass if that was assigned to them. I feel bad for the good men and women who are honest and diligent and are held in lower esteem because of the corrupt leadership, all the way to Obama. Can Trump unseal the records Obama sealed?

  10. Next year we will have two doors those from. The first one is BLUE and leads to Socialism, from which is a no return and more waste of AMERICAN TAXPAYER’S MONEY. The DumbocRATS has spent how many MILLIONS WITH NO RESULIS. The second is RED HOT with President Trump at the head. Lower taxes, lower unemployment and a booming economie. The only thing that concerns me is that the DumbocRATS will do something stupid to throw AMERICA into a Recession just to be able to say President Trump did it.

  11. To say that the Obama FBI was corrupt is understment. The extent to which B.O. allowed his Government Agencies to be contaminated with Anarchists has yet to be exposed. Only History will record their criminal dealings. Yes, it may take 30 years or more to record the full extent of their treachery but it will surface as the most disgusting abuse of power in American History.

  12. Nothing has changed, I still say put a round or two in the Left’s selfish, filthy, racist hateful ideology. Take it out using extreme prejudice!



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