Huge Scandal: Oregon Changes Hundreds Of Republican Ballots To “Non Partisan” Denying GOP Voters The Right To Participate In Primary

(Gateway Pundit) – Disturbing news is coming out of Oregon, as hundreds of people are reporting that their voter registration was switched from Republican to non affiliated without their knowledge or permission.

Oregon is entirely vote-by-mail, and ballots were sent out in the last week of April, and due this Tuesday at 8:00 PM. Many were shocked to open their ballot to find that they were no longer with the party they thought they were with, and they received non partisan ballots. As Oregon is a closed primary state, this effectively denies these people the right to vote in the party’s primary that they thought they were registered as.

This is only reportedly happening to folks who were registered as Republican.

The non affiliated ballots allow the voter to vote for local non partisan races, judge seats, and ballot measures, but they do not get to vote in any of the Republican primary races, which includes two hotly contested Congressional races, along with several state legislature seats, and the Secretary Of State race.

The deadline to update your voter registration in Oregon was April 27th, so it’s too late for any of these people to get the right ballot. Some are reporting that they didn’t even get options for local non partisan races or ballot measures on their ballot, only judge seats. Others are reporting that they straight up received the wrong party ballot. Some are saying they’ve switched their registration back to republican, but then they check again and it’s been re-switched back to non affiliated.

A facebook group called My Party Was Changed Oregon has been started, and hundreds have congregated there to share their stories. Here are a few screencaps of what people are experiencing (personal identifiers have been redacted):

State representative Mike Nearman has been following this and went on the radio with Lars Larson today:

The confusion seems to have something to do with the new-ish Motor Voter law, which automatically registers people to vote who visit the DMV. By default, they are registered as non affiliated unless they either opt out or specify that they want to be part of a party. Except many of the people in this group say they haven’t done anything at the DMV in quite some time, and received Republican ballots in the last election.

Nonetheless, the DMV seems to be the scapegoat in all of this.

Furthermore, as Representative Nearman explains, the elections office is supposed to mail you a little card if there’s been a change in your registration.

A select few of these people were able to contact their county elections office in time, and were able to procure a Republican ballot after going down to the office and explaining the situation. Knowing how crooked and backwards Oregon is, I wouldn’t be surprised if these people end up getting charged with some kind of crime because wacked out democrat attorney general Ellen Rosenblum and Secretary of State Bev Clarno will claim that those folks are somehow illegally voting in the republican primary that they originally wanted to vote in.

If this is happening to you, join the Facebook group and share your story, as this could result in some sort of legal action against the state.

If you believe your civil rights are being violated, you can file complaints with the FBI’s civil rights division and with the federal Department of Justice’s civil rights division.

Here are a bunch more screen captures from that Facebook group, as people tell their stories:


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  4. This is Beyond Outrageous, has to be as UN-Costutional as one could possibly imagine !!! This is Truly a Dictatorial Initiative, Which Must Be Effectively Dealt With !!! This is The Beginning of the New Radicalized Far Left Socialist Movement to Take Down America with UN-Constitutional and Illegal Paper Ballots and Illegal Immigration Votes !!!! We The People Must Put A Stop To Treasonous Socialistic Agenda, such as this !!! Write to President Trump, Vice President Pence, Secretary of State Pompeo and Attorney General William Barr and others !!! I have already done so !!!

  5. How much more evidence do we need to know that mail-in voting should not be allowed (except for limited specific reasons – like military personnel)? How much more evidence do we need to know that Democrats will find ways to cheat in order to keep power? Enough is enough. I don’t know if the federal government can do anything about this because it may be a state’s rights issue, but it just means we have to be aware and if our states start this nonsense, we find a way to put a stop to it.

  6. After reading this catastrophe……..WHAT CAN BE DONE ABOUT THIS???? Now, everyone knows it is happening, BUT, is there a way to clean up this mess? I am sure the President is aware of the situation by now.

  7. And now we see why the democrats want to vote by mail. They will be putting P.O. Boxes in cemeteries. New lows every day!

  8. The Democrats in charge, had this all planned, because they had thousands of these fake ballots printed up and ready to go. It surely shows premeditation.

  9. It has been said that our right to vote is our most sacred right we have as Americans. All other rights can be deleted if we lose our vote.

    Tampering with that right is the fastest way for a government to destroy us. The Soviet Union Communist Party kept in power for 70 years by making the only choice on the ballot the Communist Party member.

    The Democrats in Oregon have indicated with this scam, that they want only Democrats to have the right to vote.

    Someone in Oregon needs to be swinging from a gallows.

  10. Voting Day should be for registered voters, in-person ONLY with a valid picture ID and with paid time off. Absentee Voting is only for the military, government contractors stationed overseas and persons confined to nursing homes, extended care facilities and medical facilities. Those that are serious and committed to exercising their right to vote will find a way to cast their vote in person. We’ve botched our system for the sake of convenience and apathy causing it to lead to corruption and manipulation to the highest degree. If you think the Covid-19 Scam is inconvenient and disruptive just imagine how it will be if the Progressive Left takes over.

    • Typical republicunt voter suppression. You’re scared of losing and you know it. You’re scared of a legitimate president taking over for our current illegitimate Russian traitor and watching America truly start becoming great again.

  11. This FRAUD will happen again, and again by the Democrats ! They want to STEAL the election by ANY means possible, and vote by mail, is the perfect opportunity. THAT is the reason, that so many Democrats are pushing for vote by mail. Of course, they SAY, that it gives more people the opportunity to vote, but the REAL TRUTH is, that it makes it easier for them to STEAL the election, by FRAUD !

  12. Now the entire problem is not hard to solve, make it so non partisan or what is called independent can vote once in any primary. If they vote in the Republican Primary then they could not vote in Democratic, that way independent voters would get a chance to support the person they wish to support. Those Independent voters can support financially the candidate the support but not able to vote fro them in a primary, in my mind that is irresponsible.

  13. This year will be vote by mail ( free postage of course ) and next year it will vote while in jail proposal.. When will common sense prevail with these progressive loons folks ?

    At least the Russian’s assistance failed with Hillary’s run against president Trump.
    The true enemy as we know are today’s progressive liberal trash !

    • The black faced–just goofing around in a kkk outfit–demonut govner of virginia has already passed this so criminals(including the ones in jail/prison) can vote. New York and Jersey have also proposed this, so it’s only a matter of time(next election) when this will become law.

    • And even with Russia helping Traitor Trump, Hillary still won the popular vote! That alone should show how awful Trump truly is.

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  15. This entire election should be thrown out PRIMARY OR NOT and it should have to be redone ensuring voters are registered in the correct party. These voters were denied their due process of a fair election.

  16. Unbelievable! These Democrats waste no time cheating! Changing the ballots are what they had planned all along, just like they did the past few elections. It is high time someone stopped this foolishness and required in person with ID voting at the polls.

  17. Many reasons here why the jackass stooges of the jackass party want vote by mail permanent. Low life, ignorant fools are administering the state of Oregon.

    • John, I totally disagree with your assesment that “ignorant fools” are administering the sate of Oregon. Theyknow exactly what they are doing. Guess you could consider them “ignorant fools” because they can not even cheat without everyone knowing about it nor can they cheat and win – hint – Hillary lost, impeachment lost, Kavanaugh was confirmed, etc.


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