Huge! George Papadopoulos: This Was “Tantamount To Treason” – Joseph Mifsud Spied On Gen. Flynn Two Months Before He Spied On Me (Video)

(Gateway Pundit) – George Papadopoulos joined Laura Ingraham on Friday night after news broke earlier today the DOJ investigator John Durham has recovered two Blackberrys belonging to CIA asset Joseph Mifsud.

Papadopoulos believes the Obama administration’s spying on the Trump campaign was “tantamount to treason.”

And, according to Papadopoulos, it is now clear that the spying on the Trump campaign started much earlier than Comey or Brennan have admitted.

George Papadopoulos: Basically how I would summarize this, the grand statesman under Rome, Cicero, you know what he said? He said a nation can survive the ambitious and the fools but it can’t survive the treason from within. What I think happened in 2016 and all of the events surrounding the 2016 campaign and the spying that took place on me and Michael Flynn and others was tantamount to treason. What happened was there was an intelligence agency with an ax to grind with candidate Trump and obviously President Trump, where we see the Russia hoax now evolving into Ukraine-gate. This is not going to stop. I predicted that Joseph Mifsud, that individual who now both of his Blackberries are now in the hands of the DOJ was a Western Intelligence agent. I wrote about it in my book exactly how I came in contact with this person who introduced me to him and what he wanted.

Something I did not know and actually something that surprised me very much is that Joseph Mifsud was also spying on Michael Flynn just two months before he started his encounters with me… I joined the Donald Trump campaign in March of 2016. Before even the Washington Post or the American media knew that I was joining this campaign I had Joseph Mifsud and other intelligence agencies knowing all about me, what I was doing and what Donald Trump’s campaign was all about. So the notion that this investigation, Crossfire Hurricane, started spontaneously on July 31st 2016 is absurd. It’s completely absurd.

This is huge.

God help this country see justice!

Via The Ingraham Angle:


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