Huge: Election Fraud Expert Files Affidavit Destroying Election Results In Michigan

( Exclusive) – Folks, the battle for the White House isn’t just about who is going to be president starting in 2021. That is certainly important, critical even. We need four more years of Trump in order to ensure the survival of the American experiment.

However, with all of the allegations of voter fraud, all of the videos showing Republican poll watchers not being allowed to watch the count be tabulated, and tons of errors, discrepancies, and inconsistencies in the vote count in major battleground states, our whole system of government is at stake.

Without free and fair elections, where leaders and legislators are chosen by the people they are to represent, our country collapses. It becomes a socialist paradise where “democracy” is just another term for “mob rules,” and a political elite — all from the left — rule with an iron fist.

We cannot allow that to happen here. And part of preventing that is through fighting against fraud.

Well, according to the Gateway Pundit, election fraud expert Russ Ramsland has filed an affidavit that shows the current election results in Michigan are a “physical impossibility.”

The following thread of photographs breaks down the claims made by Ramsland, who works for Allied Security Systems.

Ramsland actually warned against the Dominion voting machines before the election took place:

Liberals have been claiming that there is no evidence in existence to back up claims of voter fraud. Well, how do you explain all of this information from Ramsland then? It’s pretty clear something fishy is going on with the voting machines, wouldn’t you agree?

Those who write this all off as some nutty conspiracy theory don’t really understand or fully grasp just how much the left-wing in America hates Donald Trump. Liberals are willing to do whatever it takes in order to remove this man from the White House.

Why so much hatred for the president?

He stands in the way of their plans to fundamentally transform the United States into a socialist nightmare. Trump has managed to get rid of a lot of pieces of infrastructure that the Democrats, through former President Obama, put in place over the last decade or so.

This has pushed back their plans and they are not pleased. Therefore, they see Trump as an enemy that needs to ultimately be neutralized. And if that means cheating in an election, well, it seems they might be willing to stoop that low too.

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  1. All this is fine and dandy but until arrests are made at the highest levels this will only continue and will be 100 times worse. Keep blowing smoke like this up the American peoples assess and you will get what you want and thats a civil war. Those Republicans that are not willing to fight for what is right we need to remember that next time when we vote, oh wait we won’t have to because the criminal Democrats will steal it from them. Compromising with the criminal Democrats is complicit with their crimes and this needs to be taken all the way to the Supreme Court and be corrected so we can believe in our system. Voter ID needs to be a National law, and only legally requested and confirmed authentic ballots should be mailed.

  2. Well isn’t it about time to arrest obama for treason and also the democratic party as well or are the rest of you are going to weep about that being too strong for you and that this was all a mistake of some bad actors and not the crooked corrupt lying untrustworthy kkk supramist democratic party which we know is a bunch of crap don’t step in it or you might fall in it with the lying democratic party.

  3. Short and right to the point. Take this report by Mr. Ramsland and incorporate it with the pleadings and affidavits to the Court, of ALL states, counties and places in which votes were made and tabulated using the machines made and operated by DOMINION, and this alone would be and should be enough for the nine Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States of America to order a new election in those states or outright declare It a sham election and award the electoral college votes of those states to President Donald Trump. They just need a little intestinal fortitude!!!!

  4. The democrats have been cheating since their hero the brown clown obama took office .
    That’s the truth which no one can deny folks !

  5. The price for the the Dominion systems must have been “right” (cheap) for them to have been accepted and used! Is the comment made that Dominion is/was connected to Soros true? Soros has nothing better to do with his money before he dies and must have some very personal reasons in wanting to destroy America. I believe he is a very sick man and/or the devil has a very good hold of him. No one in their right mind would deliberately want to destroy what is good and right and yet slowly, step by step that is what been happening over a long period of time. No one taking the time to foresee the possible results of their undermining actions! It will take a “Trump” to try and save this country, and Biden just will not. God and His Bible have been a blessing for this country from day one, but His influence is being blackballed by the liars and deceivers within the government. And thirdly they used the children via education to undermine
    and destroy what we had! God help us, please.

  6. Maybe one day we will also find proof that bi-racial BHO is really married to Michael. And that he was never eligible to be President.

  7. It is not surprising that the corruption and theft of the election is real .The democrats have done nothing up front because when the
    American People can know the reality of what the democrats are up to it is rejected. Prior to the election we could only for see cheating to gain the WH for the democrats because what the dems were selling like a scam artist via the media driving the campaign was policies odorous to the us, thus cheating was the only way they could do it.

    They cheated, lied and deceived to pass Obama’s care which has been a scam costing
    Americans millions. Now the ads for medicare is on our TV screen during every ad break. This is where they are pushing us. It is a deceptive lie.

    “On Thursday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “The Story,” Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) stated that “public option is simply a slow roll to Medicare for all,” and “does eventually get rid of your private insurance by undercutting all private insurance.”

    Crenshaw said of 2020 Democratic presidential nominee former Vice President Joe Biden [relevant remarks begin around 2:30] “He’ll say that he’s going to protect your private insurance, but let’s not forget, he was part of the Obama administration who lied to us about keeping your doctor. You think they’re telling us the truth about keeping your private insurance? The public option is simply a slow roll to Medicare for all, if you look at the economics of it, there’s really no other way out of it. It does eventually get rid of your private insurance by undercutting all private insurance.”

  8. This is such a load of actual BS, now if this was anything close to fact, where is the law enforcement on this both State and Federal, the fact being anything to do with a Presidential election, that is wrong is a Federal felony if done on purpose. Now exactly where in any state is either party not allowed to observe all the aspects of the election. There is a Federal Election law that says that both sides are allowed to poll watcher and observers in other parts of the election including the counting, and all will be allowed the same access to the operations, the other thing not mentioned here is that those counting votes are of all parties just persons selected from a list put forward by the State political party leaders, now do you think that either party would pick persons who do not care about fraud, not one of the persons involved with the actual election has made any such claim, just out siders wanting to stir up trouble, and there is no shortage of trouble makers, mainly caused by a President wanting to sow doubt on everything and any thing, not a good thing for this Democracy we have tried so hard for centuries to make work.

    • well sir what about all the election officials who signed affidavids as to what they were witness to and considered voter fraud people dont sign those if there is no reason to because they could go to jail if proven to be not true i just cant see any one putting there self in that position if it were,nt true

  9. Plenty of evidence to prove voter fraud by Obama’s democrat party and it will trickle out bit by bit exposing the corruption deep into his tenure.

    Dominion Voting Systems has been connected to Obama’s master George Soros , the Clintons money laundering Foundation , plus assisted Hugo Chavez win elections

    No corruption here folks …….

    • Chopperpilot
      If as you say there is plenty of vote fraud in this election why is it the Republican State persons have disagreed with you and they are in a much better position to know what is going on. Georgia is a excellent example when Trump is saying Georgia is full of election fraud and the Republican party in that state is disagreeing with Trump in every instance. Now at present about 100 court cases which have either been thrown out of court or dropped by the lawyers because of lack of ANY EVIDENCE, I do not know if you are aware of it or not but accusations are not proof and those that push unproven accusations causes great damage to this Great USA.

    • Robert … Did you not read the above article ? GA ? Come-on man! Stay on point … we are talking about MI here. GA has its own peculiarities and irregularities which are leading toward disclosure of fraud in the election there. This report is IN YOUR FACE EVIDENCE OF FRAUD, and you summarily dismiss it. Drop the meds for a day and open your eyes, amigo.

    • Biden Keeps Lead in Georgia Giuliani: Recount ‘Means Nothing’ ‘fraudulent ballots will just be counted again’ – Breitbart News

    • Robert, so you are saying a 100% turnout in 20 precincts and greater than 100% in many more is not evidence of fraud or irregularities. Considering that in history there hasn’t been evidence of a single election with that large of a turnout. Especially for a candidate that didn’t campaign in that area as little as Biden did, and who had such small supportive turnouts when he did. You are suggesting that the public and voters hated Trump so much they were able to garner 100% of voters to participate for the first time in recorded history of this country. And during a pandemic on top of that. That threatening canvassers of doxing them and their families if they don’t certify the vote, isn’t any evidence of fraud or irregularities.
      Your right there is nothing irregular or fraudulent during this election and that media refuses to investigate helps to accentuate the general thought of conspiracy. You would not see this behavior if the results were reversed. There would be investigations on top of investigations.
      Just like in 2016 with 2+ years investigating Russian collusion, left marching the streets with #not my president and which Hillary still refuses to admit Trump legitimately beat her.

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