HUGE DEVELOPMENT: Three Different States Tour AZ Audit Floor, And There’s More To Come (VIDEO)

( Exclusive) – There has once again been another huge development in the ongoing saga of the Arizona state election audit. Three different states have now toured the audit floor on Tuesday afternoon of this week.

And as you can probably already imagine, the Democratic Party is sweating bullets over this, practically sick to their stomachs, as they realize states are waking up to the fact that there was indeed massive voter fraud that took place in this election.

You cannot continue to be corrupt in the dark and not expect your dirty deeds to be dragged into the light. All will be revealed in due time.

According to a new report from Gateway Pundit, this is just the beginning. Representatives from the states of Georgia, Alaska, and Colorado have now had an opportunity to see how the audit operation in Arizona is being carried out.

Legislators from the three states received a “classroom style” briefing and were taken through how the entire process works. These individuals are analyzing the process so they can make necessary improvements and utilize the same process in their own home states.

When Jordan Conradson, a reporter for GP, spoke with Ken Bennett, the senate liaison, he asked him if there were more states expected to come and take tours of the facility.

“I’m told that every day this week there is some elected official coming in from some state. Today is Tuesday and if that pattern continues well have somebody in Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday,” Bennett responded.

“It looks like they’re starting to max out on forensic tables, correct?” Conradson asked.

“We are beyond 80% I’m told, as far as counting the ballots, which is the first step. Then, it goes to the paper evaluation and they are well behind the counting levels in paper evaluation. I’m told that we’ll probably be finished with the counting of the ballots by the end of this week or sooner, and then all of the resources will shift to the paper evaluation. You can already see that paper evaluation has been increased significantly. There’s now 32 working tables and another probably 16 positions on the floor awaiting equipment and things like that. Once the counting is over this week at some time, all resources will shift to the paper evaluation,” Bennett replied.

Georgia Sen. Burt Jones also had a conversation with Conradson where he gave his thoughts and opinions on how the audit is being done in Arizona, saying, “we came out here with a team of auditors who are working on the current case in Fulton County, Georgia, and we really just come out here for a fact-finding mission. You know, we heard a lot about what was going on in Arizona, a lot of good, lot of bad so we said we had come out here and to see for ourselves. We did that, what we saw inside the auditorium was a very well organized, very businesslike operation that was going on. Which gave the people working on Fulton County’s case some good ideas, and you know, they learn some things they might want to do, they learn some things you might not want to do. So, it all in all was a good day, and I appreciate the hospitality from the good people out here in Arizona.”

“So, what do you thing of the actual process itself was it secure, was it transparent?” Conradson asked.

“It looked very secure, looked very transparent. I mean they had security all in the arena, they had multiple people at each table. You know, 3 counters at each table and then they had protocols and steps in place to verify, and verify again, and verify three or four times over. The tabulation and things of that nature, so it looks very secure and I know that they’ll be ready to get the process done,” Jones replied.

Jones was then asked if he would be replicating the process in his own state.

“I don’t know you know, we’ve got the Fulton County lawsuits going on. I’m trying to be as helpful, trying to be as helpful as we can from the state’s side with that lawsuit and we just have to see what the findings are from that and then go from there,” he said.

You can almost hear the panic, the thudding heart beats, of the radical leftists in America as they realize that they might not be getting away with this scheme after all.

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  1. They counted ‘EVERY VOTE ” even the votes China mailed in.

    Not veroy bright people who advocate to count “every” vote instead of every legal vote . The democrats want to violate the Constitutions specifications that the states are to manage the elections. George Soros has been for years quietly financing his secretary of state candidates so he counld control the elections. in 2020 he and China picked Biden and the results are sinking America.
    * HHS has openly acted on their stated intent to give illegal immigrats prioriy over citizens.
    *Boarder Crisis: Border crossings in March jumped to highest level in 15 years!
    ​*Big Tech Takeover! It started with the removal of President Trump and under Biden’s regime it’s only gotten worse!
    ​*China Corruption! China is back to getting the best of us!
    *Inflation: Consumer Prices in April increased to 4.2%, fastest since 2008!
    *Gas Prices: Gas Prices skyrocket 34% from last year!
    ​*Stock Market Decline: The Dow just took a Major Hit over Biden’s Tax plan announcement!
    * Prices Have Jumped! ​Lumber, Corn, Soybeans, & others have all reached highest prices ever!
    ​*Violence Has Surged! Homicides are up 33% from last year!

    With many other detrimental actions to come!


  3. When all of the various states finally finish their recounts and verify what we all already knew on Nov. 5th, that President Donald Trump DID indeed win the election, what happens next? Does china xio bei dehn (aka, Lying Hiding biden) get the boot? Does President Trump take over? Because he was cheated out of his first year, is he entitled to run again to serve a total of 11 years?

    I think that would only be fair and right if that happened.
    Either way, the libtard dummycraps’ heads are going to explode. They will riot and destroy.
    Time to lock and load.

  4. There is a poll question coming on my e-mail asking if the American people think that Mike Pence’s political career is over after what he did to President Trump.

    It is not a matter of what Mike Pence did to President Trump. It is what Pence did to let the American People down. He had the authority to question the validity of the certifications and allow those few states which have valid questions about the validity of the voting in their states. They had the Constitutional right to ask for 10 days to investigate the voter fraud that had come to light, but the antifa and BLM were apparently helped in the timing to start the trouble that the Presidents supporters have been blamed for.

    No I believed Mike Pence let THE AMERICAN PEOPLE DOWN by not standing up to the pressure of these terrorists, of antifa and BLM, who orchestrated the Jan 6 trouble. Look at the criminal enterprise that has been able to take over the country and the damage they have done, and they are just getting started with their doing away with the rule of law and the protections of the Constitution.

  5. I guess the question is soon to become … do we shoot them, hang them, or just dig a big hole and bury them alive. None of these criminals deserve any better.


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