Huge Development: 51 Global Studies Find HCQ Effective In Treating COVID-19 — 16 Find HCQ Not Effective — But 10 Of Those Are Late Treatment Studies!

(Gateway Pundit) – How many tens of thousands of Americans must die because of Dr. Fauci’s mistakes?

It is becoming more and more apparent with each new day and as more information is accumulated that Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx, the CDC and the FDA failed in their response to the China Coronavirus.

Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx pushed a completely fraudulent Imperial College study to lockdown and destroy the greatest economy in US history.

Dr. Anthony Fauci has made at least 15 critical mistakes and contradictions since the start of the pandemic in March.

Perhaps Dr. Fauci’s most deadly mistake is his response to hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) treatments for the disease.

Dr. Fauci cheered the use of hydroxychloroquine in treating the MERS coronavirus in 2013 but for some reason resists its use today in treating the China coronavirus.

Now there is a website that tracks the international HCQ-Coronavirus studies.

C19Study tracks the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine in treating coronavirus.

The countries that pushed HCQ use early have had the most success in treating the disease.

The website tracked all of the current international studies on HCQ use in treating the coronavirus.

Here are the results:

** Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (or PrEP) — 100% success
** Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (or PEP) — 100% success
** Early Treatment — 100% success
** Late Treatment — 62%

There are over 70 global studies listed on the effectiveness of Hydroxychloroquine in treating the coronavirus.

51 of the global studies showed positive results.

16 of the global studies showed negative results — but 10 of those studies were late stage cases of coronavirus.

It is clear at this point that the top US medical professionals are KILLING Americans by downplaying the success of HCQ in treating the coronavirus.

How many tens of thousands of Americans must die because of Dr. Fauci’s mistakes?


    • Very considerate of you. Death for your ideological opponents? As for your acceptance of the data above, don’t forget what Biden said “Don’t let the truth get in the way of the facts.” lol You fit right in with their campaign.

  1. Could Fauci be a Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat Party supporter and part of their plan, to use the coronavirus against President Trump in the coming election. The Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat Party DONOT want a treatment that works until after the election. If American Citizens die so be it. In their sick perverted minds it will benefit the Socialist Communist Democrat agenda and will help global warming that Gates and Soros promotes to achieve a one World Government.

  2. If Fauci has his way – anyone who is not a lying, immoral, unethical will die. It is really disgusting when a physician denies science to feed his own ego!

    • Is Fauci a physician? Or is he just a researcher. I wonder if he has ever treated a patient hands on. Do you believe what he says about HCQ or doctors that actually treat people! I think we will find out that Fauci killed more people than the virus by shutting down America, that number will never be covered by the Liberal networks.


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