House Republicans Stand Up To Obama, Put Forth A Bill NO ONE Saw Coming

June 26, 2016 9:05 am  

(Conservative Tribune) – On Friday, House Republicans introduced a tax reform plan that would simplify the tax code in such a way that it would fit on a postcard.

“For years, hard working American taxpayers have asked Washington for a tax code so simple and fair and understandable that it could fit on a postcard,” said Rep. Kevin Brady, chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee. “That is exactly what we propose.”

The plan includes other reforms, such as repealing the death tax, cutting taxes on small businesses to 25 percent and cutting taxes on saving and investment, according to the Washington Free Beacon.

Brady also said that with the new bill would end penalties in the current tax code that often force American companies to move their “jobs, technologies, and headquarters overseas.”

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“No longer will we be the only major country that still taxes its own exports. No longer will American products lose out to foreign competitors, simply because they’re proudly stamped ‘Made in America,’” the Texas Republican added.

Additionally, the proposal would stop overtaxing American-made goods and would provide a tax-free return on business investments.

And perhaps one of the best aspects of the bill is that it would restructure the IRS with a focus on clearing out bureaucracy and cutting down on intimidation.

“A simpler, fairer tax code demands a simpler, fairer tax collector,” the chairman said. “We will bust up the IRS as it is today, redesigning it into three smaller, more focused units to serve businesses, to provide state of the art taxpayer service for families and individuals and quickly and affordably resolving tax disputes.”

Watch Brady’s remarks below (hit comments start at the 1:10 mark):

Now that sounds like a plan that we can get excited about — which course mean liberals everywhere will whineabout it and do everything in their power to kill it.

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