Youth Firearms Training Initiative

OPERATION: Youth Firearms Training Initiative

“This may be the last chance for our young people to use their gun freedom!


Tea is tired of the Obamites trying to gun grab so we are fighting back! We are co-sponsoring a “Youth Firearms Training Initiative” event with hundreds of children learning gun safety! This will be the first time many of these young people will fire a gun! 

Want to Preserve the 2nd Amendment?


Get this: Our first stop will be in Washington D.C. to speak with our Representatives, then off to Pennsylvania for a “Youth Firearms Training Initiative” event. 


Get this, are we going to bypass the Gun Grabbers by funding the “Youth Firearms Training Initiative”!  But it doesn’t stop there!

Your Tea Party Team will have one-on-one meetings with Congressmen urging them to wake up and reject any Gun Grabbing!

We can only do this because of Patriots like you!

We have a 3 prong approach:

1. Fund: “Youth Firearms Training Initiative”

2. Face To Face! Tea Party Team in the Halls of Congress! 

3. FAX BLAST CONGRESS: Send YOUR “Protect the 2nd Amendment” FAX BLAST to ALL 535 Members of Congress NOW!

We NEED  your help now! If the “Right To Bear Arms” fails our children will never have this opportunity again!

I hope we never tell our children: Want to see a gun?

“Go to a Museum”


Liberals are haters of America’s Second Amendment and the Washington Pharisees are no different. The Lame-Stream Media uses their  power to push gun control and to twist the facts about gun fatalities. If they had their way, they would confiscate every last gun in America, trashing our Second Amendment right to bear arms, leaving Americans utterly defenseless. If you didn’t comply? They’d have you thrown into prison. Their own words!

The Tea Party and Gun Owners say:

 Take Your Globalist Ideas and Get Out!


So let’s help throw them out like yesterday’s garbage!  We don’t need traitors to the American Constitution or strippers of our Second Amendment rights –not to mention from the media who is to report the news not cook it—telling us we can’t have our firearms.

 If you are not as mad as hell yet, then you haven’t been paying attention!

Want more information? Here it is! We’d like to invite you to join us in our:

1. Fund: “Youth Firearms Training Initiative”

2. Face To Face! Tea Party Team in the Halls of Congress! 

3. FAX BLAST CONGRESS: Send YOUR “Protect the 2nd Amendment” FAX BLAST to ALL 535 Members of Congress NOW!


Already, is funding the “Youth Firearms Training Initiative with some big fat checks, made possible by donors like you.  We are not stopping until every child has the opportunity to learn the safe and responsible use of a firearm.

Gun OwnershipWe must send a message to the world that we embrace our beloved Constitution and will do anything to protect it.

Furthermore, we will NOW expand our efforts and fund the training of America’s Youth so they can enjoy safe and responsible gun ownership and use.  Are you with us? While other groups dither, we surge because we are not limited to a single issue, but will address anything that challenges our beloved nation!

It’s time we be proactive by funding the “Youth Firearms Training Initiative” and then going Face To Face with Congressmen.

 Are you with us?!

We are sending a message to all gun-grabbers!

834325259Here’s what we are going to do….. is raising funds for “Operation: Youth Firearms Training Initiative and we are going to co-sponsor the   “Youth Firearms Training Initiative” with a big fat check!


We will get this campaign going and accomplish three great things:

1. Fund: “Youth Firearms Training Initiative” We are going to write a big fat checks toward the “Youth Firearms Training Initiative” designed to reach out to our future generations and teach them the responsibilities and rights involved in proper ownership, care and usage of a firearm.

2. Face To Face! Tea Party Team in the Halls of Congress! We intend to get in the faces of Congressmen who think they can shank the American people by grabbing our guns! We will camp out if necessary on the steps of the Halls Of Congress!

3. FAX BLAST CONGRESS: We are demanding the gun-grabbing Global Communists stand down and back off. We will vote them out, send them fax blasts, go toe to toe with them in Town-Hall Meetings, hold rallies, go on the radio, Television, direct mail, email campaigns and deploy a host of other attention getters so they will realize that they can’t win. But we will win

  The Tea is boiling get in line or keep out of the way!

Here’s what we want you to do:

If you’re ready to lock and load then join the Tea Party as we support the “Youth Firearms Training Initiative” in our pursuit to protect America’s Second Amendment rights for tomorrow’s leaders and take the fight to Washington then this is for you! This is a first for America and it’s your opportunity to be a part of what is sure to be an overwhelming success and make a difference in America’s future, our youth!

Donate now to let your voice heard over the perilous threatening throngs of liberal media. Let’s send them all a message loud of clear.

This is it. We have dedicated all of our resources to Raise Hell and save America. Are you with us?


 We owe America the truth about “America’s Fraud President” and Obama’s coming coup.

America’s Children Thank You

Someday your children will thank you for saving their future from Obama’s Soviet-Style Socialist State.


P.S. – Still pissed-off want to do more? Hell Ya! We’re in for it.

Check this out!

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