Horror: Black Man Caught On Video Beating Elderly White Nursing Home Patients – Arrested After Hero Tom Fitton Alerts Authorities (Disturbing Video)

Worker films himself beating defenseless elderly patients

(Infowars) – A viral video has circulated social media showing a healthcare worker boxing his elderly patients.

The original video, and a few adjunct bits of footage containing the same man pummeling his vulnerable patients, elicited abundant anger as social media users voiced their disgust at the cowardly act.

In the first video, the prone elderly man attempts to defend himself as the stronger, younger caretaker lays into him with blows to the head.

The man throws multiple punches at the cowering elderly man until he draws blood. He then grabs a bed sheet to wipe the blood, while muttering unintelligibly to the battered elderly man.

The clips were posted to Twitter, with an alleged identification of the man in question being made.


The man, who was identified by Twitter users, reportedly worked for an elderly care home facility in Michigan.

The original poster of the sickening videos alerted the authorities of the man’s actions, forwarding the alarming footage.

Another social media user took a screenshot of the videos and forwarded them to the man’s alleged employer.

In the second video, he strikes the scrawny, emaciated elderly patient on the bed as they appear to sleep.

The perpetrator breathes heavily, with his face mask lowered toward his chin, as he dishes out several blows to another defenseless patient.

Many of the comments took aim at Gov. Whitmer, suspecting that the Michigan representative would not bat an eye at the horrible abandonment of duty from the caretaker.

Others tagged various news sources and anchors in an effort to further publicize the awful acts taking place to defenseless elderly people.

The original tweet had garnered over 1,200 retweets at this present time.

Health care workers have been receiving large amounts of praise and criticism during the coronavirus pandemic, with a seemingly endless series of TikTok videos showing nurses dancing, making some wonder whether some workers are as slammed by coronavirus patients as news coverage would have them believe.

Man Arrested After Hero Tom Fitton from Judicial Watch Alerts Authorities

“This was also posted on my Twitter feed and Judicial Watch contacted authorities who then, in response to our concern, arrested this person. Thanks to those who helped us get this done.” Tom Fitton said.



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  5. Sickening. That person should be incarcerated then never allowed to hold a job taking care of anyone of any age!

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  8. No mercy for this guy! Show the video to the prison inmates at the jail he is at and then video the beating he takes from
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  9. This is racism at the highest level. I worry about this happening in Assisted Living facilities and Nursing Homes because most of the care takers are black and many have a strong bias against whites. You can call me whatever you want but I’ve seen this first hand and the vetting process is terrible.

  10. With family unable to visit their elderly family members because of WuFlu virus concerns, this video makes one wonder how much of this is going on.

  11. This is so horrible. What is wrong with these people? What if these caretakers were sick and immobile and being cared for by another person; would they like this same kind of treatment…???

  12. This savage piece of garbage deserves to be in one place, PRISON ! He should never be allowed to work as a nurse ever again !

  13. Bless the guy who got this video and turned it in and made it public. This nursing home aid should go to jail for a good long time. Another result of the corona hysteria. If FAMILIES were allowed to visit their loved ones at nursing home and were in the rooms and hallways, you can pretty much bet this would not be happening. Is there a sane reason why the families can wear gloves, mask and protective gear just like the nurses?? No sane reason to deny this at this point. Power trip by the DEM governors. Remember this at voting time. This could be someone you love.

    • …the guy who videotaped it???
      Take another look at the video!!! It’s a SELFIE!!
      This Perpetrator is also the videographer!!

  14. IM sure AL Sharpton, Kamala Harris, and many others will try and excuse this mans actions, There is NO EXCUSE for his actions and he should be prosecuted
    He should NEVER be allowed to work with patients again.

  15. #White lives matter… time for mass rioting, has he been charged? wheres Al Sharpton??? oh that’s right it doesnt matter because it was a black man attacking whites.

    • Absolutely!! This savage needs some good, old fashion justice … a human cannot go any lower against another defenseless person. Hang the useless scum.


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