HORRIFYING: Man BEGS For Mercy Before Thugs Execute Him For Being White

April 19, 2017 10:45 pm  

(Angry Patriot) – Sadly, when a racially-motivated murder occurs, it will usually be ignored by the mainstream media because it does not fit the liberal narrative.

A tragic accident was made worse when a man was killed for being white. Jamie Urton was driving through Cincinnati when he accidentally struck a child with his car. The child’s father murdered Urton, with the help of an accomplice, but the two murderers told the passenger, “Get out of here, you’re black.” (via WLWT5)

Deonte Baber and Jamall Killings are both facing murder charges for killing Urton. They did so after Killings’ 4-year-old son was accidentally struck by Urton’s vehicle. The murderers spared Urton’s passenger because he was black, proving that they killed Urton because he was white.

Of course, the liberal media will ignore this racially motivated crime, because it does not fit their narrative that only white people are racist.

The tragedy occurred when Urton was driving down a street in Hamilton County. A man was causing a scene on the side of the road, which distracted Urton, leading him to hit the 4-year-old child, who was on the road.

Urton immediately stopped after the accident, when Killings, the boy’s father (who was causing the fuss at the side of the road) ran to the car window and started beating Urton.

Baber, the accomplice, then approached the car, allowing Killings to finally attend to his son, who was lying in the road. Baber started to beat Urton through his car window and told the black passenger to leave.

A witness told reporters that Urton began pleading for his life. “You could hear him wailing, saying, ‘I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.’ The guy was reaching in the window, beating him up in the window,” the witness explained. (via WLWT5)

Baber then pulled out his gun and proceeded to shoot Urton five times. The driver’s body fell limp, and the murderer continued to shoot. Since then, Killings has turned himself in, but Baber is still being hunted by police.

Joe Deters, the man prosecuting the case, claims that the crime was racially motivated. He also called the 4-year-old’s father an idiot who was more concerned with beating the white driver than attending to his son lying in the street.

Urton did not deserve to die. He never intended to hit the child, and he immediately stopped to aid the child.

Yet, because he was white, he was murdered in cold blood. The media will never reveal the truth of this case.


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