Hollywood Producers Whine That There Aren’t Enough Casual Abortions On TV

June 14, 2018 10:17 am  

(TeaParty.org) – This is beyond disgusting, and also quite telling about the pro-abortion left.

A group of female television producers recently complained that there aren’t enough abortions on TV, which translates directly to “more people need to be indoctrinated to believe that abortion is a positive thing.”

It’s not.

The reason that there aren’t more abortions on television is probably largely owing to the fact that, as a recent poll showed, 53% of Americans still largely oppose abortion.

Abortion is unappealing for television writers because it is the dismemberment of a baby in the womb, and most people who consider themselves pro-choice probably find the topic in their evening entertainment a little off-putting.

That’s because while most people still live in denial about the unpleasantness of abortion, they still don’t want to think about it for too long lest they realize what it really entails.

The Daily Wire reports:

Speaking on a panel this past weekend at the ATX Festival, television producers such as Rina Mimoun (“Everwood”) and Mauricio Mota (“East Los High”) called for more shows to feature abortions while condemning the lack of representation as “controlling women.”

The “Her Body, Her Choice” panel, presented by USC’s Hollywood Health & Society organization, discussed the importance of featuring storylines that talk about abortion, albeit in a way that benefits the feminist agenda. Mimoun and Mota have both explored the topic on their shows.

“It’s very important to talk about abortion, but it’s important to talk about the systemic things related to abortion,” said Mota.

Mimoun said that abortion should be treated more casually, like an everyday thing. “It would be nice if it was just part of the conversation and didn’t have to be so special and so earnest and so important,” said Mimoun.

The two producers held up “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” “Scandal,” and “Friday Night Lights” as the gold standard for shows that feature abortion. “Scandal” became famous for featuring the main character, Olivia Pope, undergoing an abortion as “Silent Night” played in the background.

There is a big elephant in the room here: by calling for more on-screen abortions, these women are also openly admitting what a powerful propaganda tool television can be.

Leftist producers have long used television and movies to push their progressive agenda, and we see that more than ever today, as you can barely click on the TV without instantly seeing the painfully deliberate attempts to stick homosexual characters everywhere, or guilt-trip those who advocate for strong borders, or portray Muslims as always peaceful and terribly mischaracterized, and on and on and on.

I mean, listen to the way Hollywood actors rail against Trump; this industry has an agenda and Trump has thrown a serious wrench in their gears.

This is why they cancelled Roseanne–they were just waiting for an excuse to slander her and take away her show, which was a glaring indicator that Americans are sick and tired of their propaganda machines.

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