‘Hide Your Kids! Hide Your Wives!…We Got The Key To The MotherF***ing City!’ Trashy US Women’s World Cup Soccer Champs Utter Profanities All During NYC Parade

(Gateway Pundit) – The U.S. women’s World Cup soccer champions team was honored by New York City with a ticker tape parade on Wednesday that was attended by thousands of young girls and women celebrating the repeat championship by the team. While they are held up as role models for girls, the players carried on like street trash throughout the parade and City Hall ‘key to the city’ ceremony.

Girls at the parade look up to the women players:

Several video clips show the players celebrating and cursing. And cursing. And cursing. Even in the modern era where occasional profanity slips out from professional athletes, the constant stream of public profanity by the women’s soccer team is unprecedented in professional U.S. sports–especially for a team representing the nation in world body competition.

The most shared video is of Ashlyn Harris riffing on the classic Antoine Dodson video in a livestream from the parade. The Daily Mail’s David Martosko transcribed:

USWNT soccer player at the parade, into the camera: “Hide your kids! Hide your wives! And lock your f***ing doors! Because we’ve got the key to the mother-f***ing city and I’m coming for all y’all bi***es!’

Megan Rapinoe swears during her speech at City Hall:

Ashlyn Harris swearing during livestream from the parade:

The vainglorious celebration of self:

Copy in case of deletion:

UPDATES: New image via Rick Leventhal who posted a photo of the team taken as the national anthem was played.

Vulgar video compilation:



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