Here’s Why Cardinal Pell’s Case Has Sent Pedophile Rings Around The World Into Panic Mode

( – Australian Cardinal George Pell, who was the former treasurer at the Vatican, is waiting to hear about the verdict on his appeal for being sentenced in the first instance of pedophilia on the 21st of August.

What is absolutely stunning about this case is the fact that Pope Francis still hasn’t come out and defrocked the shamed cardinal and all around sickening, pathetic low-life, who is working behind-the-scenes to try and rescue his pal from the clutches of prison.

Meanwhile, pedophile rings all across the globe are flying into a panic.

Via Infowars:

Next week, the Australian judges will, in fact, decide whether to confirm or not this judgment, and if this second hypothesis is chosen, the former Prefect of the Vatican’s economy could leave prison and face the remainder of his sentence under house arrest in the comfort of an exclusive Vatican mansion served and revered by a bunch of nuns.

However, if his appeal his rejected, the Holy See will be forced to take into consideration Pell’s long due defrocking. The defrocking, unfrocking, or laicization of Catholic clergy is the final removal of all rights to exercise the functions of an ordained minister, and something the Vatican should have done a long time ago in regards to Cardinal Pell. Of course, this Catholic pedophile ring leader is still considered very powerful and a sort of Vatican Epstein. So let’s see if Pope Francis might be able to influence the Australian judges and save him from spending time in prison.

There is an epic battle worldwide that is fought each day against the pedophile elite. Only yesterday, for example, Prince Andrew was kicked out of Buckingham palace by his mother, Queen Elisabeth II, who is very upset for his direct involvement with minors and drugs in the Epstein affair. The English tabloid, The Sun, reported that the Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson, who is Andrew’s ex-wife, was forced to intervene and bring the “panicking” Prince by private jet to Malaga, Spain, after spending some time with the Queen at Balmoral discussing the crisis.

Andrew and Fergie’s getaway demonstrated that the Duchess of York stands by her ex-husband, according to an insider, but in reality, the whole family is in a state of panic as Sarah Ferguson was also allegedly involved with the late Jeffrey Epstein’s sex slaves and cocaine parties.

I called Prince Andrew’s private number that was listed in Epstein’s “Black Book” and the person who answered at 2’o clock in the morning local time confirmed it was Buckingham Palace on the other side, and sounded to indeed be Prince Andrew. British Secret Intelligence Service would have traced the call and this strange call from Leo Zagami may have upset the Prince even further, but of course, that is only speculation.

Pedophilia is one of the most sickening, disturbing crimes a human adult can commit and the fact that such a vile behavior has suddenly become a bit more mainstream is a good indication that our culture is truly in the dumps.

A society that tolerates this kind of madness against children is setting itself up for judgment from a righteous and holy God. Children are a great gift and when a culture doesn’t protect its most vulnerable of citizens, it won’t be long before other areas of our collective lives fall into decay.

Liberty is only for a moral and upright people, therefore, when a society as a whole abandons moral principles, they require more governance and less freedom. If we value our future generations, if we really want to see this nation of ours continue into the future, then fighting things like abortion and pedophilia are not negotiable.




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