Here’s Why America Is Vulnerable To Possible Future Outbreaks Of Ebola From Infected Migrants

( – When we discuss the topic of illegal immigration and migrants crossing the border into our country, the left likes to scold folks on the right for caring that a very high majority of folks in this particular group of people are criminals, wanting to spin the narrative to make these individuals look like poor, oppressed people wanting a piece of the American dream.

No doubt that’s the truth for some of them, but unfortunately, that’s a small number compared to those who are just looking to escape a South American prison.

However, the bigger concern with migrants isn’t the criminal record, but the diseases they can and are bringing into America. Deadly diseases like Ebola for example.

Yes, through migrants crossing the border, America is left open to the possibility of an Ebola outbreak.

Here’s more from NewsTarget:

It’s a huge, dangerous lie. City officials in San Antonio, Texas, are claiming that no migrants from the Ebola-infected Republic of Congo could possibly be carrying Ebola into the United States because “Ebola has a 21-day incubation period,” they say. And the migrants have been walking for more than 21 days. Therefore, they cannot possibly have Ebola.

The “officials” saying this are either grossly incompetent or deliberately lying. (By the way, it also begs the question of how migrants from Africa “walked” to the U.S. / Mexico border. Can they walk on water?)

For starters, Ebola’s incubation period only averages 21 days. It can be 40+ days in some people, and that’s according to the World Health Organization. As previously reported by Natural News:

• 95% of Ebola incubations occur from 1 – 21 days
• 3% of Ebola incubations occur from 1 – 42 days
• 2% of Ebola incubations are not explained

Furthermore, migrants from the Republic of Congo could have been infected by other carriers who perished before reaching the U.S. border. Infected migrants could enter the USA on, for example, day 10 of their own incubation period. Or day 30. By the time they begin to explode with symptoms, they will have already been transported by bus to any one of dozens of U.S. cities that are currently receiving these migrants.

Surely medical personnel aren’t so stupid that they don’t understand the basics of infectious disease, symptomless carriers and incubation times. Surely doctors must know that magically declaring “zero risk” among people who come from a region of the world that’s known for producing symptomless carriers of Ebola isn’t a valid conclusion. Yet they draw these conclusions nonetheless, putting all of America at risk in order to appease the open borders pushers who seem to want America to be overrun with illegal immigrants.

Here’s a video from the same individual who penned the source article, explaining why the whole incubation period for Ebola is a total lie:

As you can see, the spreading of disease is a far bigger threat than the mainstream media and left-wing politicians want to admit, placing thousands of individuals, citizens of this great country, in peril, all for the sake of pushing a destructive agenda backed with a horrifically morally bankrupt ideology.

We need to start doing a better job of enforcing our current immigration system and sealing off the border so that we can stop this from becoming a serious issue that could leave whole cities devastated and ravaged by disease.

Time for Congress to let Trump build the wall. Before it’s too late.



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