Here We Go… The Intolerant Left Thrashes Actor Vince Vaughn After He Shakes President Trump’s Hand At National Championship Game



At one point the crowd was SO LOUD that President Trump paused and waved at the crowd!!


During the championship game Actor Vince Vaughn was seen shaking hands with President Trump during the game.

Vaughn is libertarian. He is one of the few Hollywood actors who is not a far left lunatic.

Of course, the left was not happy about this public display of affection for the president. But there are a number of supporting comments under the video as well.

Here are a few of the tweets from intolerant leftists.


  1. That comment about the First Lady not speaking or understanding is complete lunacy. I believe she actually fluent in at least five languages. Slovenian, English, French, Serbian, and German and Italian(I’ve heard, can’t confirm though). This person cannot even write a sentence, yet act as they have the authority to slander her. Of course it may be even sadder that over 700 hundred fools have agreed with this post. Along with prison reform their needs to be school reform, the system is churning out too many idiot lemmings.

  2. The Liberal Left Democrat/Socialists all make nasty vile remarks against the president, they scream and shout and really try to get their message across on computer site comments. But when I see one of these bottomless non proofed actually stupid remarks I just ask them, “what has president Trump done for America and we her people that is so bad ? I ask for proof with their statements and acquisitions and they can only spout more unsubstantiated claims. So I again say to all of these people this presidend promised those of us who would listen he would do what we wanted and very unlike any past politicians he did do what we asked him to do and every thing helps all Americans in some way either financially or better life style, plus he has returned the US to the top of the worlds nations in every category and now finally ouor enemies fear us and dont tweak our noses like they did in the past. GOD BLESS PRESIDENT TRUMP!

  3. Who do these people think they are. I could not stand the last guy that was in the White House but had he ever extended his hand to me I would have shook it. Of course that was a lib and to these clowns, that is permissable. Screw them!

  4. I also don’t like celebs that are liberal and I don’t watch their movies anymore either. I can’t stand it when people call our President awful names and tell lies about him. Celebs, you’re only hurting yourself. I really, really dislike some of you now.

  5. I would shake ANY President’s hand. I might not VOTE for whoever that is at any given year, but I would shake his or her hand if they extended it. It’s the gracious thing to do. It’s an opportunity. I would shake the hand of ANY world leader if I were, for whatever reason, in the same room with them. I would shake the hand of an ally. I would shake the hand of the leader of an enemy nation… the Queen… the Pope… It wouldn’t matter that I approve of them or not. What have we become?

  6. God, the liberals just won’t let this man have a good day. Vince Vaughn just shook his hand and that act of civility caused an uproar with the liberals. I didn’t hear them say anything good about President Trump taking out the guy that killed our American soldiers. They called him reckless and wrong, especially Biden and Kerry and Pelosi. All this makes me sick. This President is a good man and They hammer him on every good thing he does for our country. What the heck happened to the Democratic Party? I’m so tired of this horrible behavior

  7. It’s called common courtesy. Anyone raised in an average home knows you shake someone’s hand when they extend it. And you show respect for the office of the Presidency.
    It makes me wonder if this is how they live their lives; rudely ignoring someone’s extended hand and snubbing someone that’s not a part of their group. No wonder we have so many bullies; look at what children are learning at home.

  8. Whoever this Tim Burke is, he acts like Vaughn is shaking hands with Satan himself. Vaughn is from a different party but he’s showing respect for the President of the United States. Burke should grow up and stop acting like a spoiled brat that hasn’t gotten his way lately. Trump will get another 4 years, so deal with it Burke.


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