Here We Go: President Trump Has Big Plans To Re-Enter Politics, And It’s Set To Make RINOs Quiver

( Exclusive) – We have been wondering for a month now what is next for President Donald Trump, who still contests the 2020 election that has ultimately led to Joe Biden being sworn into office under heavy National Guard security only to launch the realized fantasy of the progressive globalist elite.

Well, now we might have some insight into how he will next face off against this establishment enemy, and RINOs who turned on him post January 6th had better watch out.

On Saturday, Politico broke the story that President Trump is gearing up to begin vetting Republican primary challengers to those members of Congress who so quickly put distance between himself and them in the aftermath of the election and January 6th riots.

Politico claims according to three sources that Trump has already gotten “dozens of requests” from hopeful primary challengers.

“We are in the process of putting together a more formal schedule for candidates who want to come get his endorsement,” Jason Miller, one of the former POTUS’ top advisors, was quoted as saying.

Since he left office, Trump has restricted most of his contact to his golf friends, members of his Mar-a-Lago club, and his personal friends.

According to one source close to the Trump camp, the former POTUS has become “unreachable.”

Did anyone think that would last long?

This man has fought so hard for us for five years straight—if anyone deserves to chill out for a bit, it’s him.

And you’d better believe it’s been productive.

Last week, President Trump said that, “where necessary and appropriate, I will back primary rivals who espouse Making America Great Again and our policy of America First.”

“We want brilliant, strong, thoughtful, and compassionate leadership,” he added.

Trump also told Newsmax in an interview last week he’s looking at options to come back harder on social media after being booted from the Tech Giant’s platforms post-January 6th.

He has the ability to bring millions upon millions to a newly-created platform—something he said has kept him from joining Gab or Parler, as it could cripple a network’s servers.

Whatever POTUS 45 has planned, it’s clear his fighting is not over.

And, chances are, neither is the winning.

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  1. i just couldn’t believe my ears when i heard cassidy and thune, both of conservative states, coming out with such rotten leftist tripe about their “oaths of office”, worthy of the worst leftists in their rotten behaviour. throw the bums out…even if a dem leftist wins their god-forsaken seats, all to the good. hopefully, prayerfully this will not happen.

    • Interesting. Some one is allowed to steal your house. you know who the thief is, by what means it was stolen and the justice department allows the thief to keep what they stole. Then you are told, upon threat of imprisonment, to be silent about being robbed, while they are setting up rules (HR1) so they can steal another house from you?

      Republicans in congress should be screaming in the halls of congress at the justice or injustice of the illegal confiscation of our country/theft which seems to be the corner stone of all that this illegitimate administration done.

      What happened to the responsibility of congress “. . . to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution? We have one party that ignores the laws and one who is so so about the laws. Why have laws or a congress if no one enforces the laws? Oh yes, Biden says our veterans and police people are DANGEROUS people.

  2. Over and over again the left take the same strategy of creating an alternate reality, a lie to advance their power. The Russian investigation based on lies uses in the FISA court, the two impeachments based on a twisting of reality to sell a lie, both acquittal then the rush to get through the process before the facts are revealed on top of silencing factual sources and information. Every thing the democrats have produced has been established as a lie, lies designed to manipulate for a strangle hold on America and the People of America. A virus promoted by China and their friend Fauci promoting and even making it law with sever consequences to lock down and deny a major curing medication that had been used for decades to cure other viral infections is smeared with “It will kill you ” threats, but no treatment is advised by CDC until death is near and they are put into the hospital. A few people fight the medical advice of the CDC and Fauci and demand the use of the medication and miraculously recover in a short time without the heart being damaged or the other side affects Fauci and the politically correct medical sources describe. Fancy that!

    Now the climate change with the illusion that man’s impact is so great on the earth, not the sun’s cycles of spots activity throwing out radiation are altering our climate. They do not want you to look at the factual science or history which indicates cycles of climate changes have been part of this earth long before the industrial age. But the leftist again want to lock us down for another 8 or 10 years so their theory can save what is left of man kind after not growing food or raising beef or heating our homes while wearing two thicknesses of masks or making a living with a business, locked down in our homes for 8 to 10 years.

  3. These “. . . RINOs who turned on him post January 6th had better watch out.” Because they turned on the American People and betrayed their oath to preserve , defend and protect the Constitution of the United States.


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