Here We Go… Fake News Media Says Putin Is Looking To Help Trump Win In 2020

(Gateway Pundit) – Here we go.

The Democrat debate last night was a trainwreck. And they know it.

The party is in chaos. They’re going to end up with a communist or an elitist billionaire as their candidate.

Their media had only one thing to do — launch a new Russia conspiracy.

CNN today reported that Russia is looking to help Trump win in 2020.

KPLR reported:

The intelligence community’s top election security official delivered a briefing to lawmakers last week warning them that the intelligence community believes Russia is already taking steps to interfere in the 2020 election with the goal of helping President Donald Trump win, three sources familiar with the matter tell CNN.

Last week’s briefing, led by election security official Shelby Pierson and first reported by The New York Times, addressed the overall picture of Russia’s efforts, including hacking, weaponizing social media and attacks on election infrastructure, one of the sources said.

The briefers said Russia does favor Trump, but that helping Trump wasn’t the only thing they were trying to do as it was also designed to raise questions about the integrity of the elections process, the source added.

Trump became irate in a meeting with outgoing acting Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire last week for allowing the information about Russia’s meddling efforts to be included in the briefing, a White House official said.


  1. I read yesterday that the Russians were helping Bernie’s campaign! So, if the MSM does not want you as president, then you are a Russian asset. Actually I kinda feel sorry for Bernie. He is going to get screwed out of another nomination!!! Seriously though, if the Russians were going to help anyone, why wouldn’t it be Bernie? He has always loved Russia…since before his honeymoon there.

  2. Well someone please explain to me what would the Russians gain by interfering in our elections? Seems to me they have their own issues going on and why would they care who our president is or going to be in the future. Give me a real legit honest answer, because in my opinion there’s nothing to gain by the Russians in all of this.

    • They Would Be Better Off With Trump As President !!! I Just Wish They Would Find Those Missing 33,000 E-mails KILLARY Lost !!!


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