Here We Go: CDC Recommends Mail-In Voting For November Election Due To Coronavirus… WTH?

(Gateway Pundit) – The CDC is now pushing election officials around the country to “encourage mail-in methods of voting.”

The CDC website is now pushing this on their website.

So now we’re supposed to listen to the same doctors who destroyed the US economy based on garbage university models to tell us how we’re going to vote?

Just The News reported:

On its coronavirus guidelines website, the CDC advises election officials to “encourage mail-in methods of voting if allowed in the jurisdiction” as part of a larger effort to “encourage voters to use voting methods that minimize direct contact with other people and reduce crowd size at polling stations.”

The CalTech/MIT Voting Technology Project recommended that states abolish voting by mail because of the “significant cost to the real and perceived integrity of the voting process.”

The CDC is out of their purview here.

For the record — Wisconsin saw NO UPTICK in Coronavirus cases following their in-person primary elections in early April at the height of the coronavirus outbreak.

John Cardillo is spot on.


  1. “CDC Recommends Mail-In Voting For November Election Due To Coronavirus… :

    Translation: CDC recommends voter fraud for november with mail in election at the request of the Chinese.

    • More like: CDC recommends exercising your rights and duties in a manner that keeps you safe from the Coronavirus. GTFO with your “voter fraud” conspiracy theory BS. Republicunts like you are literally the only people crooked enough to demand voting in person with an ID or not at all, not only putting millions more Americans at risk of dying from the virus for “mUh ElEcShUn InTeGrItEe!” (Translation: “Like my idol Traitor Trump I won’t accept the results when Biden wins in a landslide”), but also suppressing the votes of minorities and those who prefer to vote in a safer manner in light of the newest health risk. Just admit it. You just don’t want people to vote because you know Biden has already won.

    • o evidence of mail-in voter fraud but as youve been brainwashed for years you need to see the truth

    • Exactly, William. NO EVIDENCE OF VOTER FRAUD! But these delusional republicucks will cling to their conspiracy theories like their lives depended on it.

  2. It’s the safest thing we can do to stay safe while exercising our rights and duties as Americans during the Covid Crisis. And the republicunts want to suppress voters and voting methods because of their wild “voter fraud” conspiracy theories. They should just admit they just don’t want people to vote. Shut all crooked republicucks down and VOTE BLUE NO MATTER WHO 2020!!!

    • Get LOST bobby. You are RUDE, CRUDE and Unattractive. GO troll a dimwit dem website if you hate US so much!!


    • Bob you are what has been described for 200 years as ” unwise counsel”. You have been so deeply deceived.

    • Your party of Communists would turn this country into another Hell-Hole in short order, if they could have their way. You think they care about people you’re dead wrong, just like the first Communists they think of you and those like you as “Useful Idiots” all you listen is the controlled MSM whores and their blatant lies about this president, why because he’s not controlled, he must be gotten rid of. Read “Iron Curtain Over America” written in the early 1950s by Colonel John Beaty he was an Army Intelligence officer in WW2 his book is full of verifiable facts from multiple sources. You do not have to be a Useful Idiot. there are plenty of truthful resources, that explains who this secret cabal that controls governments around the world, including America I admired president JFK who stood up these Satan worshippers, look up his speeches secret societies, he knew who they are and their ideology started back in ancient Babylon and passed down from generation to generation, their goal is “World Conquest” JFK would be considered very conservative by the Dem party, had he taken precautions his EO 11110 would have taken the power away from these controllers who rule by their vast wealth.


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