Heckler Busts Out “Creepy Uncle Joe” Biden For Groping Young Women

June 13, 2018 10:23 am  

(TeaParty.org) – Joe Biden is creepy as hell.

One poorly time photograph is one thing, but this dude has literally dozens of pictures of him clearly inappropriately touching women.

He of course, like all feckless, hypocritical Democrats, has no problem turning around and pretending to care about women.

Yeah right! This dude has “predator” written all over him. I don’t care what you heard on those Access Hollywood tapes, Joe has been seen grabbing women, and even overheard saying something incredibly disgusting to a young girl.

During a recent book tour, because apparently Biden wrote a book, a heckler confronted him loudly about his own frequent #MeToo moments before being escorted from the room by security.

RT has the story:

Former US Vice President Joe Biden was confronted during a stop on his book tour in Delaware by a heckler accusing him of molesting young women.
During a talk on his new memoir, Biden had been discussing his late son Beau’s feelings on the conviction of pediatrician Earl Bradley for the rape and molestation of young children. It was then that the man in the audience stood up and accused Biden himself of abusing women.

“What about the girls you molested on C-Span at the Senate swearing in?” the man shouted, according to The News Journal in Wilmington.

The man seemed to be referring to an incident in 2015 when Biden tried to kiss the awkward-looking teenage daughter of a US Senator on the head during a Congressional swearing in ceremony. The former vice president has been criticized before for letting his hands wander when around women, often touching them or rubbing their shoulders without permission.

He failed to mention the moment when Biden was caught on a hot mic seemingly telling a young girl how aroused he was to be standing next to her.

Take a listen:

Even if you take out the audio, his touching and grabbing is beyond inappropriate. It’s downright disgusting.

How long are Democrats going to try to convince us they’re the moral party? Their party is packed full of pedophiles, perverts, rapists, and criminals. This is why no one cares about the Access Hollywood tapes or Stormy Daniels. Trump has never made much of an effort to hid his lowbrow behavior with women.

These people campaign on women’s rights while behaving despicably towards women and children.

This is how we got Trump, and by the grace of God, it’s how we’ll get Trump again in 2020.

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