Head Of Denver Police Union Reveals There Was Retreat Order When Michelle Malkin’s Back The Blue Rally Was Attacked

(Gateway Pundit) – Journalist and conservative icon Michelle Malkin has revealed that the Denver Police were under a retreat order when the Back the Blue rally she was speaking at was attacked by Antifa.

Sunday’s rally was attacked by violent leftists leaving several people injured, as police did almost nothing to prevent violence or protect the crowd.

On Wednesday, Malkin tweeted that Nick Rogers, the head of Denver’s police union, revealed that the incident commander handling the event ordered officers to retreat.

Rogers revealed the order during an interview with the Peter Boyles radio show.

At least one brave lieutenant defied the order and attempted to maintain order.

“He said, these people are going to get killed if we don’t stay, so he kept his group there. That’s the only reason this thing didn’t get worse, because somebody broke ranks,” Rogers said during an interview on the Peter Boyles radio show.

“HUGE. Nick Rogers, head of Denver police union, just revealed there was RETREAT ORDER from incident commander issued at our pro-police rally. Rogers told me & Boyles that a lieutenant defied order to try & maintain some semblance of order. Too little, too late. But good to know,” Malkin tweeted.

A new video of the event has also emerged, in which you can see the violent militants freely pouring into the event without any efforts to stop them.

Malkin has been blasting the media for their coverage of the incident. Following the violent attack by black-clad militants holding weapons, the media painted the incident as a “clash” and acted as though both sides were instigating a fight. This was absolutely not the case.

As the Gateway Pundit previously reported, Denver Police Chief Paul Pazen marched with Black Lives Matter thugs just last month.

The Gateway Pundit spoke to Malkin about the incident. She warned that people who want to publicly show their support for police will be left on their own to defend themselves — and if you do defend yourself, prepare to be demonized by the media.

“The false media framing of the siege in Denver tells you everything you need to know about the Fourth Estate. Local and national reporters called it a ‘clash.’ We didn’t meet in the middle somewhere. The BLM/Antifa mobsters announced beforehand that they would be ‘shutting us down.’ They marched unobstructed from the state capitol two blocks down to the Civic Center plaza, where we had our separate permitted event,” Malkin said. “THEY besieged us while Denver police watched and did nothing under obvious stand-down orders from the chief Paul Pazen, who had marched arm in arm with BLM less than four weeks ago.”

“Good-hearted people who want to show their support for police should be forewarned: You are on your own–and if you do defend yourselves, you will end up in prison or on the front pages of the propaganda press cast as a violent aggressor,” Malkin continued.



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  2. This chief of police has abdicated his right to command!!! The retreat order by the Incident Commander whether received from the chief or issued on his own was absolutely immoral, an unethical dereliction of duty, and therefore unlawful. His duty on that given assignment would have been to protect life and property. He abandoned it. That Lt who defied him and had his team stand fast should be the new chief of police in Denver!!! Some times you are given jobs that you may not agree with politically but you have a choice, voice your opinion then resign!!! I believe that that stand down order came from both the mayor’s office and from the chief of police. The Incident Commander either agreed with those two or just didn’t have the courage to tell them NO. I DON’T KNOW BUT I BELIEVE THAT THE DENVER POLICE DEPARTMENT COMLPIES WITH THE SAME MOTTO THAT MINE DID ” TO PROTECT AND TO SERVE”!!! Obviously it seems to slip away as you climb the rank structure. KUDOS to that small unit commander and his men who showed the intestinal fortitude to do the right thing!!!

  3. The Commander who gave the Retreat order should be arrested and sent to jail. He DILIBERATELY endangered citizens he was sworn to PROTECT!!!!

  4. I am so afraid that if they keep up this lawlessness people will have had enough and real violence will be in our cities and streets. Want an example look at the American Revolution. The colonists put up with the British taxes and treating the colonists like second class citizens and finally the colonists had had enough and the result was all out war. Now we are faced with unbridled violence in our cities and streets and the politicians elected in those cities are doing nothing but fostering the violence. Chicago is a war zone, same with Portland, New York, Seattle, Atlanta, and who knows where this violence will go next. Innocent children are killed and idiots like Biden calls BLM and Antifa peaceful protesters. They are complete criminals and must be dealt with hopefully by our government. If not then by the people because we have had enough of this.


  6. Just read an article which said Biden is gaining among white voters. Must be STUPID white voters. Expect more violent lawlessness if Biden and his minions are elected. If you have a brain and a spine and just want to live your life free from attack , vote a straight Republican line. You have a right to support the police and express a conservative point of view. If the DEMs win this next election that constitutional right will disappear. Wake up.

  7. Lock, Load, Aim and FIRE! . . . And prosecute the SURVING CRIMINAL “protesters” (actually COMMUNIST guerillas in need of a FEDERAL PRISON cell). HAPPY HUNTING! One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

    • I agree. All these rioters and looters should not be tear gassed. They should be shot with live rounds to stop them. Let’s see if they continue. If they do shoot them again until they stop. These are really young mostly white thugs who probably still live with their parents and are supported by them. Shoot them all because they are causing a lot of destruction.

  8. This is exactly what the mentally unhinged left-winged loons are wanting to have happen. When we are finally forced to take matters in our own hands, where lives, both innocent and not so innocent, are lost to the stupidity that has been endorsed by the constitution-hating media, Hollywood filth, and democrat-socialists, we will look back on this time and wonder how we allowed this “peaceful” protesting,rioting and elevating our desire for evil in the first place.

  9. The impression I get is that the ‘chief’ – maybe at the ‘suggestion’ of the mayor – ordered the IC (incident commander for those not up on the Incident Command System) to essentially ‘stand down’. Fortunately the stand up guy actually on scene made the correct decision to go against the ‘order’ and likely prevented a lot of injuries – or worse. Anyone want to place a wager on what sanctions that LT will end up enduring.

    • Doesn’t this sound exactly like a page taken out of Hillary and Obama’s play-book concerning the SNAFU in Benghazi ?
      Thank God for true American hero’s and not spineless political wussy’s

  10. Allowing this scum group of cowards (BLM/Antifa) to carry out these riots and armed, need to be confronted with armed military prepared to return fire. Talk is no good. These bullies need to be confronted by Patriots that don’t cower and who are prepared to take them down.

  11. They are supporting police who are unwilling to support them. How smart is that. The only one who will defend you is you. You better be supporting the constitution for its apparent the government won’t do it, nor will they support you.

    • Hopefully sooner than later. This rioting/terror needs to be addressed with like action and let the blood flow, so that they’ll find out if there is an afterlife.

    • It’s ALWAYS been up to Americans to save their country. Sickening that the DEMs have manged to buy their way into so many positions of power and have taken over the bulk of the media. I would be glad to see temporary Martial Law declared and rioters stopped by whatever means required.


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