Harrison Ford Calls Trump A ‘Son Of A B*tch’ While Promoting Disney Movie

(Breitbart) – Harrison Ford has gone from trashing America to trashing its president. The actor appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Monday night to promote his new Disney movie Call of the Wild and called President Donald Trump a “son of a bitch.”

Kimmel held up a fake promotional poster showing fake reviews for Ford’s new film. The reviews were attributed to Donald Trump. One of them read, “It was a perfect call,” which alludes to how President Trump described his call last summer with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, a call that pretty much sparked the Democrats’ impeachment campaign to oust the president.

Above: Screenshot/ABC/YouTube

“That’s the first thing that son of a bitch has done for me — ever,” Ford said as the audience erupted in laughter.

Ford’s late-night swipe at Trump comes just days after the Star Wars star slammed America in Mexico City while promoting his new Disney movie.

“Our position in the world is tenuous because of our lack of moral leadership, basically,” Ford said. “I certainly applaud Greta [Thunberg]… her activism, her role in representing the interests of young people, and I admire her courage, her fortitude, and also admire her capacity to express herself.”

“Science is being ridiculed by people in ideological campgrounds,” Ford said. “They are refusing the wisdom, the discipline of science, in favor of a political point of view. And that has to stop. And I believe young people throughout the world know that it has to stop and are capable and willing to make the sacrifices to make that happen.”



  1. Ford’s contracted “The De Niro Disease”. Unfortunately it’s not fatal although it does destroy the ability to think & communicate rationally. Take Brad Pitt’s ignorant comment at the Oscars; he has no clue about our Constitution or how our Government should work. Still, he feels compelled to negatively comment on a subject he knows nothing about. I don’t believe people like this are qualified to live in a free society.

  2. MR FORD i am sure it wont matter to you but it does to me you just went on my do not watch and do not listen to anymore, You sir are just another useful idiot for the left.

  3. are all these entertainers brain washed idiots? blah blah blah all the same left wing bs. wont be watching any of his mll movies again. another one bites the dust.

  4. It’s funny harrison- I cannot recall ANYONE asking you for your opinion of ANYTHING – but let me make this statement, I WILL PROMISE YOU THAT I WILL NOT WATCH YOUR NEW MOVIE- another fact is that I’ll NEVER watch ANY MOVIES THAT YOU ARE IN – past AND present LOL !! STAND STRONG REAL AMERICANS – BOYCOTT THESE LUNATICS IN Hollywood that are POISON to our President , OUR country , and OUR way of life- President Trump is FOR ALL PEOPLE , NO MATTER WHAT COLOR you are- as long as you come to America LEGALLY – We HAVE TO PROTECT OUR PEOPLE above all from RAPISTS , MURDERERS , GANGS – We have to have laws and we HAVE TO ABIDE by these laws!!!! It’s the ONLY WAY to remain a CIVILIZED country- it’s not rocket science, IT’S COMMON SENSE !!!!

    • AMEN !!!! I WILL “”””NEVER “””” WATCH ANOTHER OF HIS MOVIES OR SHOWS !!!!#### PERIOD !!!!####@@@

    • To Standing Strong-you are so right? I will never watch another Harrison Ford movie again. I had never connected him to any politics before and that is the way it should be! Yes, we do not ask your brain dead opinion especially when you are in the presence of J. Kimmel. Your swearing does not promote any good character. Especially when you are advertising Disney!

      This is the best man for the job due to the times of no couth, nasty, selfish Dems with no love for America only your demolition push for power.
      We are not caving to Socialism or the demented Dems who now own childishness.

      President Trump has handled the constant attacks masterfully. We thank you for your strength and fortitude. There is nothing to be found In the Dem. candidates as they don’ t fight for the USA, but for her demise.

      Yea for love of country, capitalism and success
      for President Trump and Republicans and Con- servatives and any Independent followers and any Dems. who want this country to forge ahead
      to survive and forge ahead.



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