It’s Happening: President Trump Warned Obama Back In November Something Big Is About To Drop That “I Will Never Forgive Him For” (Video)

(Gateway Pundit) – Back in November President Trump met with reporters the morning after another attack by former First Lady Michelle Obama.

President Donald Trump unloaded on his predecessor, former President Barack Obama when asked about the former First Lady’s comments.

President Trump was asked about the former First Lady’s attacks.

He hit back twice as hard — Saying he will never forgive her husband for letting down the military.

Then President Trump shot a warning at the Obamas.

Something BIG is about to be revealed.

President Trump: So I’ll never forgive him for what he did to our military. I’ll never forgive him for what he did in many other ways which I will talk to you about in the future. But what he did, what he did to this military made this country very unsafe for you and you and you.

It is widely known but not widely reported that Obama spied on President Trump during the 2016 election.

But it is not known to what extent or the number of spies the Obama administration unleashed on the Trump campaign.

President Trump is not through with Obama.


  1. Well ever since 2016 we are seeing the corruption in our government my question is how long is it going to be before you take action on arresting them for corruption tagging and seizing their assets in all their money taking their citizenship because they obviously don’t wanna be in America because they’re trying to destroy it and deport them to the country of their choice out of America never to return and put all monies received from this towards our national debt and helping out Americans that want to be here and support America and you need to get rid of all the refugees send them back to their countries and tell their countries to figure it out and fix their problems because America is done being the policeman of the world that’s where we went wrong do you need to stay out of other countries business and trying to change their values morals and whatever we’re here because we want to be here they on the other hand don’t want to be here and try to destroy what we have So stop the game Playing at our tax dollars expense and arrest these criminals and deport them and be done with it


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