Hah! President Trump Weighs In On Sebastian Gorka’s Run-In With CNN’s Clown Contributor

(Gateway Pundit) – As reported earlier by Cristina Laila — Former Trump official Sebastian Gorka confronted a crazy liberal reporter at the Rose Garden presser on Thursday and it was epic.

This came after the White House Tech Censorship Summit with President Trump yesterday afternoon.

Brian Karem, a CNN political analyst and White House reporter for Playboy Magazine was annoyed that conservatives had front row seats at the presser on Thursday following the social media summit.

Sebastian Gorka walked over to Brian Karem and called him a punk.

“You’re a punk! You’re not a journalist! You’re a punk!” Gorka said inches away from Karem’s face.

Conservatives began chanting “Gorka! Gorka! Gorka!”

Jim Hanson taunted Karem and said, “Just for the record, he’d kick your punk ass.”


On Friday morning President Trump weighed in on the skirmish.

Seb Gorka wins!



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