Gun Control Failing Miserably In Boulder, Colorado Where Even Liberals Won’t Give Up Their Guns

January 9, 2019 9:55 am  

( – Since the rabid anti-gun left hasn’t been very effective at passing federal gun control laws to undermine the Second Amendment rights of all Americans, they’ve shifted their focus in recent years on states and cities to try to get as many anti-gun laws passed as they can.

Only, it’s not working out so well in Boulder, Colorado, a notoriously liberal city where citizens are still not so keen to turn in their “assault weapons.”

As the Washington Times reported, the city passed an ordinance just after the tragic shooting in Parkland, Florida, banning the sale and possession of so-called “assault weapons” within city limits.

The problem with labeling anything an “assault weapon”—aside from the fact that it’s not an actual class of firearm—is that it always ends up applying to any semi-automatic rifle, shotgun, or handgun that includes accessories like pistol grips, adjustable or folding stocks, or detachable magazines.

The ordinance included a “grandfather clause” that allowed city residents to keep firearms they had purchased prior to the ban, granted that these residents applied for a special certificate with the Police Department, for which they had to pay a $20 fee, pass a federal background check, and a firearms inspection.

A deadline to certify said “assault weapons” was set at Dec. 31, but now that that date has passed, it appears very few residents were willing to comply. Police report that only 342 “assault weapons” had been certified before the deadline.

Non-compliance with the ordinance can result in a fine of up to $1,000 and 90 days in jail.

A deadline to certify any and all “assault weapons” was set for Dec. 31, but that date came Lesley Hollywood, the director of Rally for Our Rights, a Colorado-based Second Amendment group, told the Washington Times, “I would say the majority of people I’ve talked to just aren’t complying because most people see this as a registry.” She added, “Boulder actually has a very strong firearms community.”

“The firearms community in Boulder — they may be Democrats, but they love their firearms.” she added, recalling a rally in April ahead of the council vote when somewhere around 500 gun owners showed up to protest the ordinance.

“That was a neat protest because it really brought out people from Boulder,” Hollywood said. “People you would never expect to be gun owners were standing there, the gun-toting hippies, basically, saying, ‘Why are you guys doing this to us? We didn’t do anything wrong, and now you’re coming after us.’”

Most of Boulder’s gun owners have been quietly refusing to comply with the new law, but a few have been boldly public in their noncompliance, such as Jon Caldara, host of a public-access TV program and columnist for The Denver Post.

“The question was, do I do this publicly or do it privately, and I’ve chosen to do it publicly because somebody has to,” Caldara told The Washington Times. “There will be thousands of people in Boulder living in the shadows, worried about somebody turning them in.”

“In this town that spouts tolerance for alternative lifestyles, that actually puts posters all over its buildings and schools about it, when it comes to a lifestyle they don’t like, there is no tolerance. So for me, this all works around the word tolerance. And tolerance means tolerating things you dislike, that you find scary.”

He’s bold in his criticism, but not entirely confident there won’t be further attacks on liberty.

“I don’t like this at all,” he said. “I’m scared. I do not want to go to jail. I don’t want them to confiscate my guns. I’m scared sh–less about what’s going to happen to my kids. The idea of my son being without his dad for three months is awful. I just want some damn consistency.”

City Attorney Tom Carr, however, has admitted that enforcement of the ordinance would be difficult and he promised that there would be no “door-to-door” confiscation efforts.

This is exactly what 2A advocates need to be willing to do when the government tries to take our sacred rights. Take a stand and refuse to comply with unconstitutional laws. We can’t give them an inch, or they’ll take the whole damn constitution.

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