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Less Than .99 Cents per day, You can support the Tea Party!

“There is a domestic war heading our way. We must defuse it with our votes and our positive actions or America, as we know it, will be dissolved.”

“To be honest with you, America is facing a lengthy and difficult fight for survival. We must prepare now for an extended campaign lead by men and women with intestinal fortitude, all others will fade.”

The Tea Party must have a core backbone of stalwart and vigilant Guardians, insuring the existence of the greatest movement since 1773.” Less Than .99 Cents per day, You can support the Tea Party!

Your 29.11 Donations At Work

  1. Will fund the ongoing work of the Tea Party

  2. Receive the most popular fax blast of the month blasted to all 100 Senators and all 435 Members of the House! ($ 50.00) value!

ATTENTION: 911 awaken America to the fact that many are planning the demise of our beloved NATION by any means. The tragedy is some of those 911 forces are domestic, functioning within our borders and even filling our elected offices.

Yes, we have seen an outpouring of PATRIOTS, EXPRESSING concern about our NATION.

As you probably know, all too often the surge of protests subsides, the steam dissipates and the movement fizzles, the result is, the liberal socialists win, this will happen unless PATRIOTS draw the line and make an all out effort to guard our values which keep us great!


(Not For The Weak)

As a Guardian you will be assuring the values the Tea Party stands for. Each month we will send a powerful fax blast to Washington in your name. But we won’t stop there. We will also provide resources as important statements of our gratitude as you guard the values of our beloved nation.

Frankly, for less than .99 cents per day you can stay on mission for our NATION protecting the values which keep us great!

We The People MUST defend our beloved NATION from the attacks against our freedom! Yes, your recurring pledge of $ 29.11 will make a huge difference! Thank you. THIS IS AN HISTORIC OPPORTUNITY TO SERVE YOUR NATION.

2911PlanAs a Tea Party Guardian you will support the vital work of the Tea Party and protect the values which are essential for the preservation of our nation! You will be underwriting those day to day costs the Tea party must incur to stay in the battle to restore America. You Are The Key! In truth, maybe you can’t travel to Washington because of family, job and home obligations, but as a Tea Party Guardian you can underwrite those who can stand up for you and the rest of America!

Know this, as a Tea Party Guardian you will receive a powerful reminder each and every month of your recurring Patriotic Pledge to restore our beloved nation.

RED HOT fax blasts to ALL 435 Members of the House, ALL 100 Senators and ALL 50 Governors, each and every month as part of your recurring pledge. the value of your fax blast alone is saves you a bundle.


This discount fax blast program is our way of saying; Thank you!

What’s wonderful, you will be supporting the Tea Party in the process!


I am a true PATRIOT who will underwrite the fight to restore our beloved NATION and guard our values.

I Want To Be A Member, A Guardian, Guarding our values by insuring the work of the Tea Party.

Yes, I will be a Tea Party Guardian! Yes, I will make the recurring pledge of $ 29.11 to be the backbone for the Tea Party!

Yes, I shall be a Tea Party Guardian, standing stalwart and vigilant for America.

Yes, I shall be a backbone PATRIOT, a rock in the time of storm!


       You will receive  the most popular fax blast of the month for 29.11 with a few dollars left over to fund the TPleaseSaveAmericaea Party!

 HOT Fax BLAST sent to All 100 Senators , all 435 Members of the House

A $57.00 value, yours for only your recurring pledge of $ 29.11. This month I will receive a special fax blast to all 100 Senators, all 435 Members of the House, that’s 535 faxes! This fax blast alone is worth over $ 57.00 and is our way of saying thank you!


Thank you Patriot!

Our beloved nation will be restored and our hertiage guarded because of Patriots like you!

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