Great News! Number Of Cononavirus Deaths Down To Lowest Levels Since Beginning Of Pandemic – Media Silence

(Gateway Pundit) – More great news ignored by the media.

The number of coronavirus related deaths in the US on the 4th of July reached the lowest numbers since the beginning of the China coronavirus pandemic back in March.

The number of deaths attributed to the China cornonavirus (both actually tested and presumed) reached the lowest number of cases since the beginning of the crisis. On Saturday July 4th the number of cases recorded dropped to 254 deaths.

March 23, 2020, was the last time time the number of deaths for both actual and presumed cases of the China coronavirus were as low as 254, when the total number of deaths reached 181 nationwide.

This is great news for America as the number of deaths is decreasing daily.

However, the story in the liberal and corrupt MSM is that the number of cases is increasing. What the media won’t tell you is that the CDC and states are now counting those who had the coronavirus and those who have the coronavirus in these daily tests. But the number of deaths is at all time lows no doubt due to the faulty counting.

It’s more than clear that the MSM will lie to diminish any good news in the Trump years. They did this mostly by not sharing the good news. Today is good news. It’s long past time to open up the US economy for good.


  1. I see where President Trump was also right on the use of hydroxychloroquine that has been shown to cut the death rate in half. Just getting tired of the media that seems to think that hating Trump is their only hope of maintaining their tenuous grip on power. They have nothing positive to bring to the political table. Their news and analysis is nothing more than nit picking and hate mongering.

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