GOP Delivers Another Massive Blow To Democrat Hopes Of Taking The Senate

( Exclusive) – There are a lot of folks out there who still think that there’s a chance President Donald Trump will win the 2020 election based on lawsuits still pending concerning voter fraud, which we’re almost positive happened on scales unheard of in our nation’s political past.

And that very well might be true, but we should still be about the business of preparing for the worst case scenario, which is seeing former Vice President Joe Biden winning the White House and becoming our next president.

This is why so many folks have been keeping a close eye on the Senate races. We aren’t going to be able to take control of the House of Representatives, but we can hold on to control of the Senate, which would be a major blow for the progressive agenda. Biden wouldn’t be able to get much accomplished without having the Senate, which means we can stave off socialist destruction of our republic at least until the mid-terms, where hopefully, we can make a big push and take control of both houses.

And according to Gateway Pundit, the Republican Party has made great progress in ensuring control of the Senate stays in the hands of conservatives, as Dan Sullivan wins his race in Alaska, giving the GOP 50 seats in the Senate.

Sullivan (pictured at top) is the incumbent and was declared the winner of the race on Wednesday evening, defeating Democratic challenger Al Gross. This big win for the GOP comes hot on the heels of a victory by Sen. Thom Tillis in North Carolina on Tuesday.

As of now, the Republican Party just needs one more seat in order to keep the majority in the Senate.

There are two Senate runoff races in the state of Georgia that may determine if the GOP keeps control. One of those races is between Sen. David Perdue and his Democratic challenger Jon Ossof. The other one, which is shaping up to be a very contentious race, is between Sen. Kelly Loeffler and Raphael Warnock.

If either Perdue or Loeffler win, the Republican Party will be able to put a stop gap on just about any measure that Biden and his team try to pass without the use of an executive order.

We need time and hopefully, by having control of the Senate, we’ll have what we need to begin working toward putting a complete halt on Biden and looking forward to 2024 when we can take back the White House too.

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  1. If the CHEATING the Democraps did holds it won’t be Pedo Joe getting in the White House it will be the Ho and she makes BLM look ULTRA RIGHT WING.

  2. The senate has been the firewall for freedom loving Americans, not so much for today’s progressive liberal filth and their ridiculous demands.
    After January third Republicans will retain the majority and continue to make America great again in spite of this stolen election..

    Resist the progressive trash folks !

    • Amen! Let’s keep fighting for our country and dispense of the “liberal filth”(perfect name).
      Stop the violent terrorist groups BLM and ANTIFA.


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