Google Executive On Official, Verified Twitter Account: “Abolish The Senate”

October 11, 2018 6:20 pm  

( – It’s not exactly news that Google company culture is incredibly left-leaning, but you think they’d try a little bit harder to at least appear less biased.

After all, they’ve been busted for their anti-conservative bias and very damning evidence they have at the very least thought about trying to influence future elections.

Last month, a video was released showing the way execs at the company responded to Trump’s election, and it was pretty damning.

Then, over the weekend, one angry executive unleased a horifyingly hateful, cursing rant against Christians and conservatives over the Kavanaugh vote:


Now, another Google exec felt perfectly comfortable posting some wildly far-left views on Twitter following the Kavanaugh vote:

“Abolish the Senate” posted Ken Norton, who, according to his own website, is a “Google Ventures Partner and Product Manager” who has been with the company in several other high-level positions for over a decade.

So, in other words, one of the top dogs at the biggest tech company in the world, a company that has a massive influence over the flow of information around the world and has worked with the Chinese government to censor its own citizens, just advocated for the abolishment of the cornerstone of our representative Democracy.

Let that sink in.

This also shows just how far the left has strayed from the idea of “equality”, not that this is news.

The Senate, of course, is one of the key ways every state, and minority groups in particular, are guaranteed equal representation in Congress.

In case you haven’t brushed up on your Schoolhouse Rock lately, I’ll remind you that the Senate has two senators for every state, while number of representatives each state has in the House of Representatives is based on population.

While we all should have learned this in high school civics, the US government website offers a helpful explanation:

“The Senate has remained a smaller body where states have an equal voice. Senators have tended to be somewhat older and more experienced than representatives, and the Senate has remained a deliberative institution that has brought caution and stability to the legislative process.”

God forbid our representative democracy has any kind of caution or stability! However will we allow ourselves to be goverened by mob rule?!

Now, of course, the “tolerant” Google exec is revealing (whether he knows it or not), that he’d prefer our government reflect the opinion of the majority rather than ensure safeguards against the voice of the minority being stamped out.

Many Democrats, following Kavanaugh’s confirmation, have the short-sighted view that it only happened because the Senate does not represent population, but they seem to have completely forgotten that the House of Representatives is controlled by the Republicans too…so Kavanaugh would have been confirmed any way.


In a retweet, Norton also expressed shared feelings with a ranting man who called President Trump a “that piece of s–t” that he hated.

In other Tweets, he also voiced support for an effort to pressure Sen. Susan Collins into voting against Kavanaugh, a plan which PJ Media’s Tyler O’Neil pointed out could be seen as actually illeal as if offered compensation for votes.

“Norton tweeted a call to action, announcing that he had donated money to a bribery scheme attempting to force Collins to vote ‘no’ on Kavanaugh,” O’Neil explained.

“Match my pledge to Either Sen. Collins VOTES NO on Kavanaugh OR we fund her future opponent on @Crowdpac!” Norton had tweeted.

Pledging money based on how a Senator votes, threatening to donate the same amount to their opponent if they don’t, is pretty blatant bribery.

“The scheme arguably violated federal laws against bribery, and Collins declared that she would not be swayed by it,” O’Neil continued.

Now, bear in mind, with all the recent incidents of blatant bias expressed by top execs at Google, they still maintain the company is totally neutral.

It’s hard not to believe there’s a lot more of this at Google.

Do you really believe them that they’re capable of operating their company without extreme bias?

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