As Google Censors Conservatives, They’re Quietly Working With The Pentagon On This Creepy Project

March 12, 2018 11:38 am  

( – It’s no secret that Google algorithms censor conservative outlets and favor mainstream, left-wing news sources. Google results are consistently much more likely to turn up sources that fall in line with the leftist narrative and demonize or belittle any other viewpoint, whether that’s word definitions, major news stories, or historical facts.

The Google doodle regularly features obscure, far-left activists no one’s ever heard of. The company itself is a goolag of politically correct, SJW policies, as exposed by infamous Google memo author James Damore. Google of course also owns YouTube, which has recently been ruthlessly censoring, demonetizing, and purging out conservative voices on their platform.

But did you know they’re also working with the Defense Department?

That’s right–the same company that thinks you need a carefully curated, purely leftist internet experience has quietly obtained a government contract to work with the Pentagon on artificial intelligence defense systems.

As if it weren’t creepy enough how much data Google and the government respectively collect on American citizens, they’re now teaming up to integrate AI technology with drone systems.


The Intercept reports:

The contract…is part of a rapid push by the Pentagon to deploy state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technology to improve combat performance.

Google, which has made strides in applying its proprietary deep learning tools to improve language translation, and vision recognition, has a cross-team collaboration within the company to work on the AI drone project.

The team, The Intercept has learned, is working to develop deep learning technology to help drone analysts interpret the vast image data vacuumed up from the military’s fleet of 1,100 drones to better target bombing strikes against the Islamic State.

So, criticism of Islam is harshly penalized on Google’s media platform, but they’re more than happy to make millions helping the government use AI to fight ISIS. Ok…

The project is titled Project Maven, and “incorporates multiple teams from across the Defense Department, is an effort to automate the identification and classification of images taken by drones — cars, buildings, people — providing analysts with increased ability to make informed decisions on the battlefield.”

Allowing tech giants like Google to essentially curate the information the average person is allowed to access is a slippery slope, but programming droids to identify and classify people and buildings is something else entirely.

At what point are we going to wake up and realize how dangerous it is to let Google have so much influence on our free speech, our security, and our data? Our hard-earned tax dollars are being given to a corporation that doesn’t even allow patriots to speak their views, and for a defense contract no less?

It is high time we start standing up to Google and telling our representatives that we will not allow them to continue to expand their power over our lives!

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