Go Away Lady: Liz Warren Stops By New Hampshire Diner And Nobody Wants To Talk With Her (Video)

(Gateway Pundit) – Elizabeth Warren stopped by a New Hampshire diner on Monday.

And nobody cared.

They really just wanted to eat their breakfast.

Go away lady.

1/1024th of the customers give a rip.




  1. I am not a Liz Warren supporter by any stretch, but it seems she is engaging in conversation with several patrons. The headline in this article “nobody wants to talk with her” appears to be yet another lie from this site.

  2. Just my absolute dream encounter. Fauxahantus exploiting me and my family for your political gain. Having your circus disrupting our family time and meal.

  3. Warren is a hideous fraud. She lied multiple times for her own benefit. How many government forms did she fill out for grants, college aide, scholarships, and jobs lying about being Native American? $10k fine and 5 years in jail for each offense. A fraud is a Fraud looks like most of the voters see it as well. Whose going to prosecute her?

  4. What. A. Psychopathic. Rude. Narcissist. Incredible. I’d have probably gone AS and told her and her following to leave us the he!! alone. Pathetic…

  5. Pocahontas needs to leave the diner and go back to the reservation except she never came from a from a reservation. Her lies will be her undoing and the reason she doesn’t attract voters. Bernie’s a communist; Biden and family are corrupt; Budagieg is nothing more than a small town mayor. Bloomberg only has his money; Hillary is a sick old hag who is more crooked than a snake; Michelle is part of the Obama failure. Dems can’t beat President Trump at the ballot box so they have done everything in their power to remove him from office. Whatever they’ve tried has backfired and President Trump always comes out on top.

  6. Lmao, they wouldn’t let Standing Bull sit and speak to them with for ked tongue! Next time, she should just have a pow wow at a local cemetery, at least no one will get up and run away!

  7. Looks like Liawatha wasn’t welcome in this diner! Apparently, the patrons have already made up their minds whom to vote for, and it wasn’t her!

  8. The Democrats are absolutely desperate for a front-runner to run against Trump, and they just don’t have anyone, and the DNC knows it. Who can they bring forward even with the “800 super delegate” votes at their convention they are going to play as a last hail mary pass to save their face to fight Trump? Hillary? Michelle? Opra? Biden? Pelosi? Schumer? Cher? Behar? Mahr? Chris Mathews? Bloomburg? Robert de Niro? Alfred E Newman? Too bad, Dems, unless Trump kills over, your hopes for winning in 2020 are slim 2 none. Keep America WINNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I considered that to be rather rude of her interrupting people having their meals. It was obvious no one wanted to talk to her. She couldn’t read the body language? Soliciting votes from voters that didn’t give two hoots that she was there. Back in the day I sold insurance and was treated in a similar fashion. Liz, you’re a phony! Get back on your private jet and then tell us at your next rally how concerned you are for saving the planet due to climate change…..

  10. Maybe the judge is NOT a democrat.
    Maybe the judge is also tired of the democrat bullshit too.
    Maybe, just maybe this is an HONEST judge.
    BUT,Maybe the judge didn’t wait be charged with breaking the laws he swore to uphold.
    The last DOJ head was a bigger crook than Nixon, both clintons and the democrat god obama combined.
    He admitted that HIS DOJ TOOK ILLEGAL ACTIONS AGAINST THE TRUMP CAMPAIGN WITHOUT EVIDENCE other than what hillary and her asswipes known as democrats manufactured and showed the American PPL as they swore under OATH to be true.
    The democrat WAY is all the above.

  11. Hi All,
    Looks my neighbors to the north can smell what is rotten in Denmark ok. This gal is a liar, and we all know who the father of all liars is Satan, is a true narcissis, and a fake native American. What more can be said. DC Swamp Toilet Treasure, aka P.O.S.


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