Giuliani: I’d Like To Interrogate Schiff And Attorney Zaid – The Only Crime Committed Was By Adam Schiff “I Think He Plotted The Whole Thing” (Audio)

(Gateway Pundit) – On Friday morning Trump Attorney Rudy Giuliani joined The War Room with Steve Bannon, Raheem Kassam and Jason Miller.

The former New York Mayor told The War Room that the only crime committed in the latest Trump impeachment investigation was by Adam Schiff. And Rudy then went on to say he would like to interview Adam Schiff. Rudy added, “I’d like to ask Schiff how this all came about. Then I’d like to ask that lawyer who said there was going to be a coup… How they were going to take them out… The anonymous source also turns out to be a political activist.”

Rudy added, “You cannot be convicted by anonymous accusers without facing your accuser in any place but the former Soviet Union… Just because you’re a whistleblower doesn’t mean you’re a saint. It’s in the 6th Amendment in the Constitution. Schiff has completely trashed the Constitution. They are going after the president’s lawyers… They are conducting at least 20 investigations of me. .. He (Trump) is entitled to a defense. Otherwise we’re not America.”

Rudy on the whistleblower, “We’re going to find out it’s going to be plan B or C… The backup plan was the Mueller collusion thing.”

Bannon, “Are the American people ever going to get the truth? How is all of this going to come out?”

Rudy Giuliani, ” It is great understanding on how they control the media… They have a compliant media that reports what they want… We have to just be on the air constantly doing everything we can to combat it… We are engaged in combat. Even if they can’t impeach him they are hoping they can damage him enough.”

Rudy Giuliani: “The jury here is the American people. If public opinion is even on impeachment it’s too risky for Democrats.”

Rudy Giuliani: “If enough pressure is put on the 30-40 ‘moderate’ Democrats in Trump districts the more it is likely we can stop this… Rallies, letters, calls, social media, making it clear to our congressman we are very angry about this. The more it drags on the more it will help us.”

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