Ghislaine Maxwell Documents Unsealed – Bill Clinton Was On Epstein Island With Jeffrey Epstein, Maxwell And “2 Young Girls”

Documents also contain explosive claims against attorney Alan Dershowitz

(Infowars) – Court documents were unsealed in the Ghislaine Maxwell case Thursday, and revealed that a witness claims to have seen Bill Clinton on the infamous ‘pedo island’ along with Epstein, Maxwell and “two young girls”.

The claims in the documents echo those previously made by a former worker on Epstein’s island in a Netflix documentary.

The claims run contrary to denials by Clinton that he ever visited the island, which was reportedly the site of multiple sexual assaults of underage women by the convicted pedophile Epstein and his elite guests.

The allegations were made by Steve Scully, a 70-year-old phone and internet specialist worker who was present on the island of Little Saint James, as part of Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich, which features testimony from witnesses and victims of Epstein’s sordid activities.

Scully claims that he saw the Clinton sitting with Epstein in the porch of the island’s villa. Scully did not witness Clinton partaking in any illegal activity, however, and says no other guests were present at the time.

Scully says that he saw other ‘important people’ visiting the island, including Prince Andrew, adding that some would be naked and flanked by topless girls.

“You tell yourself that you didn’t know for sure and you never really saw anything, but that’s all just rationalization,” Scully notes in the program, adding “Jeffrey Epstein, he was a guy who concealed his deviance very well – but he didn’t conceal it that well.”

The newly unsealed documents, which have been held under lock and key since a previous civil lawsuit in 2015, also contain testimonies and allegations against attorney Alan Dershowitz.

The documents allege that Dershowitz abused a minor, referred to as ‘Jane Doe 3’, and that he also helped draft a non-prosecution agreement to secure immunity.

In previous court documents, ‘Jane Doe 3’ was the name used to refer to Virginia Giuffre, the woman who has made similar allegations against Prince Andrew:

Giuffre “claimed that Maxwell lured her into Epstein’s orbit at 15 years old, under the guise of offering work as a masseuse.”

In separate legal papers Giuffre has also placed Clinton on the island, claiming she had dinner with the former president, Epstein, Maxwell and two other women from New York on the island on one occasion.

Giuffre also said that she saw Clinton “strolling into the darkness with two beautiful girls around either arm.”

The same witness, thought to be Giuffre, also said she had overheard Epstein saying that Clinton owed him “favors,” while noting that she couldn’t tell whether he was joking or not:

The new documents allege that Maxwell held ‘continuous’ orgies with underage girls on the Caribbean Little St James Island, flying them in by private jet.

The unsealed documents also contain a July 25, 2015, email from Epstein to Maxwell which reads, “You have done nothing wrong and i woudl [sic] urge you to start acting like it. Go outside, head high, not as an esacping[sic] convict. go to parties. deal with it.”

Another email exchange, published here by The Daily Mail, dated a few days earlier contains an apparent court statement from Maxwell claiming her innocence.

In January, pictures emerged of Clinton with his arms around Chauntae Davies, who has said that she was recruited to be Epstein’s personal masseuse and ‘sex slave’.

Clinton has also been pictured on the steps of Epstein’s private plane, dubbed ‘the Lolita Express’ with Maxwell in 2002:

Flight logs have shown that Clinton made 26 trips on the plane from 2001 to 2003.

Clinton was also pictured with Epstein’s housekeeper Jun-Lyn Fontanilla, and another staff member inside Epstein’s New York house:

Polls indicate that the majority of Americans believe Epstein was murdered, and did not commit suicide in prison.

The first image of the noose supposedly used by Epstein contradicted the official story of his alleged “suicide.” It shows a clean cloth with so signs of blood stains despite the fact that Epstein’s neck was bloody.


  1. I hope there will finally be justice for these young lady’s who had to endure the filthy onslaught of so many high profile men AND women. Bill and Hillary have been infesting way too people with their death-by-clinton-disease. Its time they get the same infestation. I just hope this Whore Maxine G. can stay alive long enough to enlighten the sick and twisted minds of the leftist media and their puke sheeple about the vermin they continue to protect. too harsh? too bad!

  2. Bill… You forgot about pilot logs and manifests radioed or phoned to the flight service stations. Each time POTUS entered an aircraft it’s logged. You won’t be to find and kill that meny people…

  3. Deep state tried to connect Trump with Epstein and pedo island and admits they could not lie up a connection. Fact released Thursday night in Epstein documents. Clinton looted FAA funds to build an airport for landing drugs and Epstein’s landing to Pedro Island. I know because it was my project that was looted…

  4. At least Clinton is a man , can’t really say that about Barry Hussein Obama now can we folks ?

    Micheal/ Mochelle seems to be the man in the house compared to the limp wristed 44 .

  5. when i lived in Arkansas had a friend who went to one of bill’s parties when he was governor and told me he left cause almost every girl was under 18 and tons of drugs out in the open, dont worry i heard all the crap last time i told this on the net

    • if Clinton did what is alleged there is no excuse but dont forget Trump was very cozy with Epstein as well and id be worried if i was him

    • William loveHole knows slick Willie can tell a whopper , of course we all know he/she or whatever gender it’s today is just progressive liberal trash.

      Fair statement ?

    • WILLIAM LAVOIE, You dont have a clue what you are talking about, Donald Trump before he became President kicked this man out of his hotel and banned him from ever returning, You sir are a typical democrat you just throw anything out there and hope it sticks, Try getting your facts correct for once. If you would bother to do some research you will find this to be true.


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