After George H.W. Bush Is Hospitalized, His Inauguration Letter to Trump Goes Public

January 18, 2017 1:40 pm  

(Angry Patriot) – Earlier in the month, former President George H. W. Bush sent his regrets on not being able to attend Donald Trump’s inauguration and was later hospitalized due to shortness of breath.

But he did send a letter to Trump, giving his regrets and saying that he would be with Donald Trump and the rest of the nation in spirit and that he wished him the very best in leading the country, via Independent Journal Review.

This is a great show of support. Even though his son Jeb Bush left the race, and the former First Lady Barbara Bush was against Donald Trump, the former president is doing what should be done—putting country before oneself.

The liberals of the world, or anybody who did not vote for Donald Trump, need to take a page out of George H. W. Bush’s book.

Trump needs our support because this week he will be our president and will be moving into the White House to lead this country through thick and thin. The American people need to recognize Trump as our president and support him in any way we can.

A country that doesn’t support its leader, even though he was elected fair and square, does not set a good precedent for this country. The liberals of the world need to suck up their hurt feelings and recognize that Trump is their president.

Although Bush Senior will not be there, former President George W. Bush and his wife, Laura, will be attending the inauguration. At least some of the Bush family will be physically there to show their support of Trump.

This inauguration is a pivotal moment in American history where the American people have triumphed over the corrupt government. We have faced every opposition in electing Trump into the White House, but it has been well worth it already with the work Donald Trump has done.

This is how people should be responding to Donald Trump instead of the hateful rhetoric they are spreading. Bush Senior did not plan on voting for Trump and his wife being opposed to him, yet Bush recognized that Trump will be the next president and sent him a supportive letter.

This is what the people should be doing. Instead, we have people rioting and protesting, we have celebrities threatening to move to Canada and refuse to work until he is removed, we have the media calling him every hateful name in the book, and the “not my president” gaining massive amounts of hype.

It is time for our country to come together and support Trump. If the Bush’s can do it, a family who truly felt scorned by Trump during the election, the rest of the people in this country can do the same.

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