Gavin McInnes Reacts To Being Banned From Twitter: “Now We’re The Rebels”

August 11, 2018 11:08 am  

( – The left is destined to spend the next two to six years bitter as hell that Trump got elected and that his supporters aren’t afraid of them.

Unfortunately for free speech advocates everywhere, some of the most powerful leftists in the world own the platforms we’ve all come to become reliant upon to reach our audiences and to debunk the mainstream media narratives, and they’ve been hitting back hard.

Over the last two years, Twitter, Facebook, and Google have been working hard to silence conservative voices without letting on that they’re silencing conservative voices…but of course, everyone knows that all they’re doing is silencing conservative voices.

So when they booted Proud Boys patriarch and CRTV host Gavin McInnes from Twitter this week, he made a very prolific observation: they’re pissed because we’ve already won.

Big League Politics has the exclusive story:

Gavin McInnes has spoke[sic] exclusively to Big League Politics after his Twitter account was banned Friday evening.

“They think this is going to stop Trump,” he told Big League Politics. “Maybe if they deplatform us, the socialists will win – but they won’t. We’ve already won. You can’t stump the Trump.”

“The left is trying to make this about Unite the Right. It’s a lie,” he said.

The ban comes hours after McInnes spoke out against the “alt-right” Unite the Right demonstration that will be held in Washington, D.C. on August 12.

He also made note of the changing political atmosphere which has mainstreamed radical leftism.

“Antifa and the socialists are the mainstream now and we’re the Rebels,” he said.

The Twitter account for the Proud Boys, McInnes’ organization, has also been suspended, along with several other Proud Boys Twitter feeds.

The bitter left-wing Big Tech companies are clearly losing their minds, but the very dangerous thing is, they have way too much power over the flow of information.

The mainstream media is already blatantly biased, ant-Trump, slanderous propaganda. We cannot let the social media networks, which are simply supposed to be platforms, not publishers, continue to silence and suppress the conservative voices they fear.

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