GAME-CHANGER: Look At The U.S. Secret Weapon That Can Take Out A North Korean Nuclear Attack

December 8, 2017 5:30 pm  

( – How many times have you seen a movie where either the bad guy or the good guy have a secret weapon at their disposal that can either be used for world domination or to save the world, depending on who is in control of them? That’s the situation right now between the U.S. and North Korea.

Now the the United States has a microwave missile capable of stopping North Korea from ever launching an all out attack on anyone, reports the Daily Mail. This is a massive game-changer.

Although the microwave missile is still considered an experimental weapon, the technology is simple enough: The missile fries the electronics that controls North Korean missiles and makes them inoperable. Meanwhile, it allows our conventional bombers to decimate the North Korean military complex. A large attack could set the dictatorship back fifty years, unless China foots the bill to rebuild it. It remains to be seen if China would think it’s to their advantage or not. While people focus on North Korea, China continues to build up a presence in the see that threatens neighboring countries, including the Philippines.

From The Daily Mail

CHAMP stands for counter-electronics high-power advanced microwave project and was started by the Air Force Research Laboratory back in 2009.

In 2012 one of the weapons was tested in Utah against electronic equipment that was set up to mirror the capabilities of Iran and North Korea.

The weapon managed to wipe out everything inside the first building it targeted, including the camera recording the test, before going on to target five more buildings then crashing itself at a pre-determined site.

This is the only test of a microwave weapon to have been declassified.

Other tests are believed to have taken place since then to improve the weapon, including mounting it on a missile that is harder to detect and upping the power.

NBC claims to have seen a document that details how a low flying missile can take out all of the electronics in the target area, and that report is from 2016. The news comes out just days after North Korea has fired another ICBM missile. The missile has not been tested under wartime conditions, but the delivery system is a tried-and-true method, and the microwave technology is already established; therefore, there is no reason to not believe that the missiles would be effective.

North Korea claims that the ICBM they fired days ago is capable of carrying a large payload capable of descending intact, but that has yet to be proven given the fact that several attempts by North Korea have failed. That by no means proves that North Korea could not hit the U.S. or one of our territories – unless we have positive proof that North Korea was about to launch an attack on us, we would probably not use it until at least a few missiles were already launched.

From The Daily Mail

In the event of a war with the dictator the Air Force could use CHAMP weapons to fry the electronics controlling Kim’s latest rockets, stopping them from being launched.

The use of such weapons, which are not yet operational, was discussed at a White House meeting on North Korea back in August, according to NBC news.

Right now, the U.S. and North Korea are flexing their muscles before getting into an actual conflict. China claims that it held a drill using recon planes and other weapons, but they haven’t said when or where those exercises were held. If such a drill was initiated, it was done as a warning to the United States and South Korea.

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