Gaetz: Why Would We Have $350 Million For Migrants And Refugees Before We Restore The Economic Condition Of Every American?

(Gateway Pundit) – Rep. Matt Gaetz blasted the $350 million designated for migrants and refugees in the $2 trillion coronavirus relief package, which did not include any money for Immigration and Customs Enforcement or Border Patrol.

Appearing on Fox News’ Hannity, the Florida congressman did not hold back his outrage about money being spent to resettle refugees while Americans are out of work.

“Why in the world would we have $350 million for migrants and refugees before we restore the economic condition of every American in our country?” Rep. Gaetz demanded. “Oh by the way Sean, no money for Border Patrol and ICE in this bill.”

Rep. Gaetz also took aim at former Vice President Joe Biden for “seizing up like he’s the tinman” when his teleprompter stalled and Democrats for attempting to seize power while Senator Lindsey Graham attempts to solve the unemployment problem.

The final package did in fact include $350 million for migration and refugee assistance, while some Americans will get a one time check for $1,200.


  1. It is of interest that we are not considered in the decisions as to how OUR money is used. These people theoretically are to be employees of the American people, but they, not us are deciding how OUR MONEY is being allocated especially to people who have NO DAM BUSINESS BEING HERE!


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