FULL PANIC MODE: In Desperate Move Georgia Judge Postpones Fulton County Ballot Examination As Forensic Audit Nears

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – Attorneys who are working for the Fulton County Georgia Board of Registration and Elections recently filed an official request to have the court toss out the election fraud case that was brought about by Garland Favorito and several others before the forensic audit could begin on Friday.

According to a new report from Gateway Pundit, Judge Brian Amero of Henry County in the state of Georgia ruled last Friday that the audit in Fulton County, Georgia must proceed forward. This ruling came after a video from GP was posted back in December that showed the same batch of ballots being counted two and three times.

“The judge ordered the parties to appear at the Fulton County ballot storage location at 10 AM on May 28th, which is the Friday before the Memorial Day Weekend,” GP reported, adding, “On Wednesday attorneys for the Fulton County Board of Registration and Elections filed a last-minute request to ask the court to dismiss the entire case before the actual forensic audit begins.”

Now Judge Brian Amero has announced that the Friday meeting is no longer happening due to the motions (here) that have been filed by Fulton County officials to suspend the forensic audit. Here’s the question this should prompt in your mind. If they had nothing at all to hide, why are they so desperate to stop this audit?

Amero went on to state that the motions that were filed have to be heard before the plaintiffs are given access to the absentee ballots. He then proposed a hearing for June 21, but there has not been an order scheduling the hearing filed yet.

We know the left is freaking out over all of these ballot audits as they scramble to try and keep their tracks covered. After all, county officials actually hired two of Georgia’s top rated criminal defense attorneys earlier this week, just a little bit before filing the paperwork to halt the audit.

Folks, innocent people would not at all be freaking out like the left is over this audit. They would say “bring it on” with a confident grin flashed across their faces. But they know there is evidence out there that will reveal the dirty deeds done in the dark.

Let’s hope the truth comes out and all those responsible for this madness are held accountable for their actions.

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  1. What a tell tale sign of Criminal actions being committed when County election officials hire Top notch criminal defense attorneys. You don’t do that unless you are guilty of something really bad

  2. Our congress people SHOULD be intelligent and rational in their judgment abilities, BUT “When Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL), on Friday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Ayman Mohyeldin Reports,” argued that the Republican Party would abandon our current system of government to install former President Donald Trump as the head of state.”

    The democrats ALWAYS throw their cloak of corruption and deceit onto others. The democrats and their agents are the voter fraud producers in chief and Schultz wants us to think that the policies of violating the Constitution by giving the federal government control over what the constitution specifically is adherence to the Constitution.

    The evidence is masive and clear Biden was not chosen by the legal votes to be president.
    It is made infinitely clear that we have elected from the democratic party the bottom of the barrel in intellectual ability and moral integrity. Then there is AOC who has had her brain fried by the liberal nonsense.

  3. It is a sad commentary on this memorial day for those that have given and continue to live in the cross hairs of our enemies that the democratic run election revealed in Georgia and Michigan while auditing a sample of military votes ( about 950 in Georgia) votes found that they were all transposed to Biden votes. That level of disrespect is the lowest level that these morally bankrupt democrats can muster.

  4. Myself like many others I have talked with will never vote for another democrat. People like Pelosi, Schumer, Feinstein and Schiff are as crooked in my opinion and have no business in any part of running this country. Pelosi and Feinstein are now worth over $100,000.000 dollars…Insider trading? Government contracts? Something…

  5. The left pushes systemic racism to cover for the systemic corruption throughout the government. All areas have been compromised with marxists/leftists seeking to destroy the country and constitution. the country is in a very bad situation.

    • It’s plain and simple the Democrats have something to hide about election audits which indicates that several ballots may be fraudulent. Otherwise, why are they trying every stunt possible to prevent the election ballots from being validated? Seems that they’re afraid of being found out to have been lying all along.

  6. Hang them all … like the article says, if the GA election creeps are honest, and if no corruption then no need for the lawsuits. These sleaze bags are by no means honorable … damn leftist criminals.

  7. Now what they gonna sabotage
    an airliner. Full of fuel to crash into the evidence? between now and then. Best they can do is stall for time to make it happen, or arrange another pandemic?

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