Fraud: Numerous New Yorkers Claim “Mail In” Ballots Cast In Their Name Without Their Knowledge

(Big League Politics) – Various residents of Passaic County, New York are complaining about not receiving or sending a vote-by-mail ballot.

Such complaints have emerged despite the Board of Election records showing a ballot in their name was mailed in.

A resident of Passaic County, Ramona Javier made the same complaint.

“We did not receive vote by mail ballots and thus we did not vote,” she stated in Spanish. When she was presented with an official list of some of the people who voted in her neighborhood – where her name was also on that list —, Javier stated ”This is corruption. This is fraud.”

According to Javier, there are eight relatives and immediate neighbors she knows that were listed as having voted but who sustain that they never received ballots. One of Javier’s relatives says she had been in Florida for weeks.

The local councilman, Luis Velez, acknowledged that a dozen of similar cases have taken place in his ward.

“Where is the democracy in this? Where is the fair process?” Velez stated.

Corruption continues to be a major issue regarding vote-by-mail election taking place across Paterson, New Jersey — the third largest city in the state.

NBC New York highlighted some questionable video footage that surfaced of voters carrying multiple ballots:

Videos are surfacing online of a single voter carrying numerous ballots. Postal workers were seen leaving some ballots sitting out in building lobbies. And hundreds of filled out ballots were found by postal workers in single mailboxes in Paterson, suggesting a possible vote bundling operation which election experts say is a crime. In one case, officials said more than 300 Paterson city ballots were found in a single mailbox in an entirely different town: Haledon.

According to a county spokesperson, more than 800 mail-in votes were cast in one of New Jersey’s largest cities.

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy did not cover the specific problems taking place in Paterson during his Wuhan virus news briefing on May 13, 2020. When asked about corruption issues when dealing with the statewide vote-by-mail election, Murphy said, ”It is too early to give you a full answer.”

One candidate in the area, Ramon Joaquin, said that the Board of Elections was not being transparent about how officials were going about in eliminating votes. “The 800 votes should be counted or the names of the people whose votes were suppressed should be released.”

NBC New York also noted the following:

Paterson Mayor Andre Sayegh has voiced concern ballot-stealing operations may have been underway in some wards, and he said so-called ballot stuffing appeared to be a big problem. The mayor called on law enforcement authorities to investigate. Also calling for a criminal investigation was council candidate Frank Filippelli. He said he was also aware of voting problems he believed were criminal across the city.

Republicans should make noise on this issue and point out how mail-in-votes are teeming with corruption, especially during the Wuhan virus pandemic where resources are tight.


  1. And while the article did not say how the majority or even all of these fake mail-in votes were for- I think it is safe to say it was not a Republican!
    Time to include serious prison for EVERYONE involved top to bottom…then maybe the Dems will stop their Cheating…or better still all voting done on the same day, in person, with ID and We dip their fingers in purple ink as they did in Iraq when they finally got to vote! After all, Dems have proven how much they Love third world political methods.

  2. Sounds like the Dimmercrats are busy doing what they do.

    Too bad we can’t sit out with shotguns to catch them.

    Bet we could cure it real fast with a few rocksalt loads up the arse.

  3. Is anyone surprised? The Democrats are probably supporting “mail in” ballots because they were/are planning to win elections by fraud! They are the true definition of ” low life ” and any votes for them should be ignored or challenged. I’m thinking, just how much longer are American Taxpayers going to put up with their corruption and treason?

  4. The Democrats are pushing this VOTE BY MAIL for ONE thing, and ONE thing ONLY ! They intend to STEAL this Presidential election, by fraud. We CANNOT allow that to happen. Far too much is at stake here, to allow the CORRUPT, Democrat Party, back into full power !

  5. Voter fraud is rampant now in Oregon! Hundreds of people’s voter designation was changed from Republican, to non partisan, during the recent/on going pre-primary voting sent out BY MAIL. People registered Republican didn’t have candidates for their party listed, some say they only had “judges up for reelection” on their ballots. Fraud has already begun! The Democrats running Oregon, don’t want Republican candidates to get enough votes now, to get them on the November ballot. The “change finger pointing” is at the DMV where register when you get a driver’s license. But from there, no doubt, the election committee in any state, can change what someone puts as their party designation. CHEATERS! Dems can’t win without CHEATING and CORRUPTION and FRAUD!!!

    • Same thing happened to us in Idaho. the county switched to computer base voting system without telling any one in advance. Our Party of choice had been changed from our lifetime as republicans to some whac-O party with 15 or more people running for president. This was the primary and we couldn’t vote for Trump without extra paperwork to change our party back to what we had been our whole lives. they made it very difficult and tried to get us to vote for the “New” party. I was shocked! Really sneaky talk.

  6. Hasn’t anyone thought that the Virus could be a conspiracy between China and the Democrats. After all, Trump has been putting pressure on China lately and the Coronavirus is supposedly worse for the aged (senior citizens). They are supposed to be more vulnerable and generally speaking would likely be the more conservative and Trump voters. Think about that pertaining to the upcoming November election !

    • I said that back in February about them globally taking out older folk because they are more likely the conservative vote. That voter registration change happened here in ventura CA 4th quarter of 2019. My gf had to go online to change BACK to Republican, who knows if it stuck.

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  8. Great story!!’ Passaic County is in New Jersey you dummy. If you don’t even know where you were when you interviewed the guy who doesn’t speak English how can anyone believe anything you write? It seems the Repubs are terrified of people actually voting and not for them. There’s a lot of old crippled up black woman with out cars out there. They will vote by mail and not for the morbidly obease orange man.

    • The Repubs are only afraid of the cheating dems who have tried to fix every election in years. I wonder how many dead people will vote this year? How many people will vote more than once, especially those driven from district to district? Just vote for the one who has exposed this countries crooked politicians, who had exposed the obama admin. as being one of the most corrupt in history, who had built an impressive economy, and I could go on for hours. You’re a fool

  9. This is just another one of the dems fowl acts, it just make it most clear, we must get them out completely and, never let one back in any part of the system again….

  10. I could be mistaken, but I believe it only allowed by the Constitution to vote absentee for:
    Illness, Hospitalization, Out of district when the voting date arrives. Now the Democrats will use the illness or fear of illness even death (which has already been proven to be .001% of the people) in order to receive an absentee ballot.
    Anything else should be challenged by the AG as unconstitutional. If they go ahead and vote, their votes should be null and void.

    As it is, the dems cheat at every opportunity. How many dead people vote each election period. How many have shown up on the register but never cast a vote?
    Get ready for a rocky few months, the democrats know with their latest actions that they will lose House, Senate and WH.

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  12. The reality is, VOTER FRAUD IS THE PURPOSE OF THIS RANT FOR VOTING BY MAIL. The democratic left is touting policies the majority of Americans are vehemently in opposition to, but why are the democrats pushing them out in the open and not hidden by their lies? They are confident in the win by corrupt voting and really are not interested in persuading anybody. They believe the corrupting of the voting process will give them the power, and as we saw in 2018 the corruption gave them the House and in Virginia we lost our state to a . . . . .doctor, as we have seen, who does not mind killing his patients.

    • The Speaker of the House wants proxy voting in the House also. If they can’t do their job in person, then they need to get out of the House. Pelosi needs to take a long swim to Gitmo.

    • They know the dates when these ballots are mailed out and send their operatives out to steal them out of the mailboxes and vote for you. Plain and simple that is what is going on with mail in voting. And if you think they will be prosecuted for tampering with your mail think again. I am still waiting for the guy that had stolen convenience checks out of my mailbox 2 years ago and we had his name and bank where he cashed checks for $8,000 to even be pursued by either USPS or police. Why do you think they are fighting so hard for this? It’s not for the good of the people it is for the good of their party. Politicians never do anything that does not benefit them. We are only working slaves to them.

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  14. This is the democrats “ integrity “ in voting by mail . To today’s progressive liberal trash integrity must have another meaning …. fraud is the only way they know .. Obama ring a bell ?


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