FOX NEWS: ‘We Should Remove All Known Islamists From Our Country’ … This Needs To Go Viral

November 6, 2017 12:05 pm  

( – While the rest of the mainstream media virtue-signals, covers up, and blatantly ignores the details of the recent terrorist truck attack in NYC, one prominent voice just dropped the truth bomb.

The solution to the “puzzle” of terrorism has been in front of us for a very long time, but political correctness, ignorance, and deceit from the liberal media have done nothing but enable these attacks and interfere with law enforcement’s ability to solve this issue.

Steve Hilton, host of “The Next Revolution” on Fox News Channel, wrote a recent column outlining the four steps America must take if we’re ever to beat this pandemic of radical Islamic terror:

“First, we should remove all known Islamists from our country. If they are not U.S. citizens, they should be immediately deported. If they are naturalized U.S. citizens, they should first have their citizenship revoked.”

Democrats are in panic mode over this, it’s such an extreme opinion. Of course extreme does not always mean bad or evil. In fact, this course of action is absolutely necessary.

After the terrorist attack in Manchester, British authorities announced that they know of 23,000 potential suspects of Islamic extremism who pose a danger to people of the UK. We can only imagine with horror how many undercover terrorists could be dormant and waiting here in the United States. Every single one of these individuals needs to be arrested and deported to the countries where they came from – we demand the FBI tell us how many of these people there are.

Big tech firms need to cooperate with law enforcement to track down and prevent these attacks. When there’s big money and white supremacists involved, Google and Silicon Valley seem to be all over censorship, banning, and reporting – but they have a lousy track record for allowing radical left-wing and Muslim organizations to continue operating on their social media platforms.

Saudi Arabia needs to apologize and pay reparations for funding terrorist ideology and activities. They have funded enormous numbers of mosques who have known connection to radical Islamic cells.

Crack down on immigration policies and beef up our standards for allowing foreigners into the country. We need special precautions against people who fit the bill of an extremist – that is, from a known terrorist-fostering country, young, male, and – yes – Muslim.

The Left wants the American People to sit back and accept terrorism as just a daily part of life, a side-effect of the cultural enrichment that comes from unfettered immigration. We need more voices in the media, tech firms, and government posts who stand up for America-First policies like Steve Hilton, who have common-sense policies on issues of immigration and the terrorism that inevitably comes with it.

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