Fox Forecaster Janice Dean Rips Cuomo After Losing Her In-Laws To COVID-19 — And NY State Lying About The Nursing Home Status (Video)

(Gateway Pundit) – Weather forecaster Janice Dean lost both of her in-laws last month to the coronavirus.

Dean’s in-laws were both at a New York nursing home and BOTH DIED from the coronavirus.

Janice Dean is convinced the reason they are no longer living is because of Governor Cuomo’s nursing home policy.

The actions of New York’s governor Andrew Cuomo have led to thousands of coronavirus deaths in the state.

A memo dated March 25, 2020, ordered state officials to move coronavirus patients to nursing homes.

It was New York state policy to put the sick patients back in the nursing home.

This order has since been removed from the New York State Department of Health website.

More people died in nursing homes in New York, due to Governor Cuomo’s policies, than died on 9/11.

Janice Dean told Tucker Carlson that the state of New York lied about the status of her mother-in-law. Her death was recorded as a hospital death even though she contracted the coronavirus at her nursing home, suffered there and was only in the hospital when her condition worsened.

Dean also said they were not their when her mother and father-in-law died and were not able to hold a respectful funeral for them.

Janice Dean is outraged at Governor Cuomo for his policy to send sick patients back to the nursing home.

This was a very moving segment.

Via Tucker Carlson Tonight:


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