Founder Of Group That Harassed Ted Cruz Tweeted About Dead Cops, Assassinating Mike Pence

( – These people are scum.

I said it.

The left spends all their energy painting conservatives and patriots as dumb, inbred hillbillies who cling to guns and Bibles, but in reality, who are the ones harassing people in the streets, causing chaos, ruining lives, and burning the flag?

Most people are the right are hard-working, faithful, upstanding people who just want safe streets and constitutional liberty. You know, the simple vision for America our founders had.

But these leftists, who try to claim the NRA has the blood of dead children on their hands, that strong immigration policy advocates want to bring back segregation and start genocide, and opponents of abortion want to make a real-life version of the Handmaid’s Tale, are out there in the streets harassing people, causing property damage, yelling and cursing and bludgeoning people wherever they gather en masse.

Tell me who the terrorists are. Tell me who has hate in their heart, who wants to oppress their ideological opponents, who wants to limit free speech and civil liberties.

It’s the progressives.

Case and point: the man who founded the group that orchestrated attack on Ted Cruz and his wife last night when they simply tried to eat dinner in public. These people operate like Hitler’s brown shirts and have the nerve to call us Nazis!

Prison Planet reports:

The founder of the ‘Smash Racism DC’ group that harassed Senator Ted Cruz and his wife in a restaurant last night is Antifa professor Mike Isaacson, who previously tweeted about teaching “future dead cops” and assassinating Mike Pence.

A mob of angry leftists forced Cruz and his wife to leave the restaurant in DC last night before the video of their confrontation went viral.

The group then vowed to target other Republicans, tweeting, “You are not safe. We will find you….We will take from you the peace you have taken from so many others.

As the Hill reported in a September 2017 article entitled Antifa activists say violence is necessary, one of the founders of ‘Smash Racism DC’ is Mike Isaacson.

It is not known whether Isaacson still has any involvement with the group.

Isaacson worked in the economics department at the CUNY Manhattan college and was placed on administrative leave last year after he tweeted, “Some of ya’ll might think it sucks being an anti-fascist teaching at John Jay College but I think it’s a privilege to teach future dead cops.”

This is also a man who claims to be against racism and fascism, and yet once advocated for the mass murder of all white people born before 1962:

He also, realizing what many leftists don’t, reminded fellow fascist “anti fascists” that Mike Pence would be President if Trump was assasinated, so reminded his fellow thugs to “assassinate Mike Pence *first*.”