Former Vice Presidential Candidate: Trump Just Became Reagan…And Nancy Pelosi Became A Joke

(Gateway Pundit) – It’s unfair. Now Trump is just showing off. I almost feel sorry for Democrats. Almost.

Before I get to President Trump’s brilliant, masterful State of the Union performance, let me take a moment to thank Nancy Pelosi. She gets the Academy Award for “Best Supporting Actress.” She not only sealed the election for Trump, she just lost the House for Democrats.

So, thank you Nancy Pelosi for the single most selfish, ignorant, petty, childish act in U.S. political history. That image of you ripping up the State of the Union speech by the President of the United States will live in infamy. You just showed the whole country who Democrats really are. It’s so clear to everyone now…

Democrats hate Trump more than they love America.

What’s that famous saying? “If a picture paints a thousand words, then a video paints a thousand pictures.” Pelosi’s hate video will be the defining image of the 2020 election.

Now to the speech. It was Trump’s moment in time. Long ago, before Trump even won the presidency, I called him “the new Ronald Reagan.” Just like Reagan, I knew he’d turn around the country, straighten out the mess left by a Democrat president and make the economy roar. And I knew Trump’s energy and bigger-than-life personality would re-energize my beloved GOP.

Tuesday night, Trump officially became Reagan.

Trump’s State of the Union was a combination of a Reagan-like celebration of the greatness of America and a joy ride through Trump’s economic mega success, his achievements for the American people, and specifically, his achievements for black and Hispanic Americans.

Instead of partisan vitriol, Trump showcased guests who represented America’s greatness. Trump showcased stories that made us cheer and cry.

Like when that hero soldier appeared to surprise his wife and little children.

Like when Trump awarded a surprise charter school scholarship to a sweet African American girl.

Like when Trump announced he had promoted an African American WWII pilot to Brigadier General.

Like when Trump awarded the nation’s highest civilian honor to conservative icon Rush Limbaugh, pinning his medal on the spot.

Like when Trump introduced us to the families of American heroes killed by terrorists, then made it clear he had given the orders to hunt those terrorists down and kill them.

This was the finest day of Trump’s presidency. Even before the speech, Trump rode into the SOTU with 49% approval at Gallop, his highest number ever. And 63% approval of his economy. That’s 18 points higher than Obama at the same time. A landslide.

Democrats are panicking. Remember James Carville? He was Bill Clinton’s brilliant strategist. He invented “It’s the economy, stupid.” Appearing on MSNBC, Carville said, “I’m scared to death” (for the Democrat Party).

Trump is now playing on the Democrats’ home turf. Trump has now secured all 63 million Trump voters from 2016. He’s secured the entire white middle class. Now, he’s going after Democrat voters. Now he’s going after black, Hispanic and female voters. Now he’s playing on Democrat’s home field.

Trump is Reagan. He’s aiming for a Reagan/Mondale-like landslide. And all Democrats have is that image of a petulant, bitter, childish Nancy Pelosi.

It’s not even fair. And that makes me smile from ear to ear.

– By Wayne Allyn Root


  1. So many politicians will lie, saying whatever they need to get elected. Or they promote socialist agendas pretending a desire to help those in need–but examine their own finances and you will find they are personally profiting (hugely) from those agendas. Trump has accomplished or is progressing towards accomplishing all that he promised to do. Not since Reagan have we had a president that vigilantly stuck to his promises and fought for America the way Trump has.

  2. Pelosi has always been a joke. I remember when she was elected and became the “first woman Speaker ” . During an interview she said her goal was to clean the swamp, BUT SHE WAS and IS THE SWAMP .


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