Former Vice Presidential Candidate: Obama And Me: How I Knew Obama Was A Bad Guy Before Anyone Else

(Gateway Pundit) – I’ve been writing about “Obama the bad guy” for many years. I was the first to name him the head of the “Obama Crime Family.” I was the first to coin the phrase “Obamagate” to describe his reign of crimes against candidate and then President Donald J. Trump.

Obama’s public persona was always a scam. I just knew the real Obama- way before anyone else caught on.

Take the column published days ago at Slate magazine by a liberal hack apologist for Obama. He sounded the usual liberal talking points: there is no “Obamagate.” There is no scandal. It’s a conservative conspiracy.

Then this liberal “Obama denier” named names of who the conservative liars are- Trump, Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Sean Hannity and Wayne Allyn Root (yours truly).

These liberal hacks must all be reading off the same talking points. Only days before, I received a text from a liberal group urging Democrat voters to call their Congressman demanding more free money. Then they named the enemies of Democrats, standing in the way of more government aid- President Trump, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin and Wayne Allyn Root.

The same five names in both attack pieces. Interesting. All I can say is, “What an honor to be on that list. I’ve clearly just made All-Pro.”

But the liberal hack at Slate got the timing wrong. He quoted my column about “Obamagate” from 2019. I’ve actually been on top of this story since 2016.

Throughout 2016 and 2017, I wrote dozens of newspaper columns about the deep state conspiracy against Trump. In my newspaper column on September 23, 2017, I finally gave it a name, “Obamagate.” Because I knew every part of the scandal had Obama’s fingerprints all over it.

Obama was the capo di tutti of the Obama Crime Family. He gave the orders, he gave the approval, he was always in the room as each crime was hatched.

How did I know before anyone else? Why did I believe Obama was capable of committing such high crimes and treason? Because of my personal history with Obama.

I was Obama’s college classmate at Columbia University, Class of 1983. We were both Pre-Law and political science majors. I was also on the Libertarian Presidential ticket in 2008- the first time in US history that college classmates ran on opposing presidential tickets. What are the odds?

During the 2008 campaign, I was asked in hundreds of media interviews, “Were you two friends at Columbia University? What was Obama like?” I always answered honestly, “I never met him, never saw him, never heard of him. And I don’t know a single classmate who ever met him either.” I repeated this story hundreds of times.

At the time, I was also a regular guest on Fox News, where I branded Obama as a radical socialist whose policies would ruin the US economy, retard economic growth, and kill millions of jobs. I was proven right. That must have made Obama even more angry.

I had clearly gotten under President Obama’s skin. Soon the IRS came knocking. I was targeted for destruction. It was a witch hunt, persecution and intimidation all in one.

It was the worst IRS attack any tax lawyer I spoke to had ever heard about. They all agreed that I was on the president’s “Enemies List.”

Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch took my case and together over a two-year period we forced the IRS to hand over my personal tax files. This was a political persecution based on my conservative political beliefs. The proof was literally written all over my files.

Who do you think ordered it?

President Obama clearly hated my guts because I had embarrassed him repeatedly in the national media. So, he decided to use the power of government to destroy me. That’s a crime, by the way.

If Obama hated me that much, think how he felt about famous billionaire celebrity Donald Trump, who had questioned whether Obama was even an American citizen. Trump had tortured Obama in the national media. Now Trump was about to succeed Obama as president with a promise to erase everything Obama had accomplished.

That’s how I knew.

If Obama sent multiple government agencies after his college classmate Wayne Root, think what he’d be willing to do to Donald Trump? The answer is anything and everything. Spying; unmasking; leaking; framing Trump and his top advisors; and then eventually in desperation when all else failed- a full-blown coup.

It was all Obama. It was always Obama.

The real Obama is nothing like his public persona. The real Obama is a ruthless bad guy. I should know. I was the first to experience the crimes of Barack Obama- up close and personal.

That’s how I knew Obama was a bad guy before anyone else.

-By Wayne Allyn Root


  1. it’s time to take the fight to there doorstep… they act with impunity because they have no fear of reprisal. time to put the fear of God I’m them

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  3. No wonder why Barry bama is so insecure. He keeps trying to fit in and apologizes to all of the wrong people, just to be accepted. He has little boy issues, thinks he is smug. Little teenager playing pranks. Felt like a big boy behind the drones. He is still as dumb as he looks. There wasn’t a smidgen of wrongdoing, there was a whole boatload full. Crimes, misdemeanors, misdeeds, and pranks. Is that what your Muslim brotherhood taught you? It’s okay to lie for the great good, right Barry? Grow up. Own your crap. You have created enough of it. You disgrace all Americans/African Americans, Kenyans, Muslims, and
    your parents the most, even Mr. Marshall. Hang your head in shame Ratboy!

  4. During the time he came around for the first election, I was sure that there could be nobody more evil than Hillary Clinton. my friend told me “I see this guy is worse and believe he is the great Satan. That is exactly what I have seen as well and nothing has changed my mind. He tried to destroy our country and absolutely tried to rid the US of all Christian values but we finally got on our knees and stopped letting the filth continue and prayed to the All powerful God who is in control. I still pray for that man and many other evil monsters every day but also know they will get what they deserve if they dont repent

  5. Obama and all involved should be tried for treason. I know that will not happen. Seems like treason is the thing to do especially Democrats. We should have listen to Washington when he said stay away from the 2 party system,well he was right and we did not listen. Justice will never be served. Democrats have been getting by and above the law for a good while.

  6. When BarryO first came on the political scene I knew he was no good. Just had to listen to his words. I could tell how he planned to destroy the harmony and heritage of our country. He won by fooling a great number of people with his flowery words and big promises. Anyone with half an ounce of common sense could see through his lies.

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