Former US Attorney: The Whistleblower’s Identity Is Typically Revealed – Democrats Are Trying To Change The Rules (Video)

(Gateway Pundit) – Former US Attorney Brett Tolman joined FOX and Friends on Thursday to discuss the Democrat Party’s atypical impeachment investigation.

Tolman says the whistleblower historically is revealed after they file their complaint. And typically the whistleblower is interviewed and interrogated by both sides.

Democrats do not want the leaker to be revealed because of his far left politics and associations.

And Democrats know the “whistleblower’s” information is highly flawed. There was no blackmail or threats as the partisan whistleblower suggested.

Democrats also do not want the Trump administration to be able to cross-examine their partisan anti-Trump leaker.

Democrats are also withholding documents from the Trump administration.

These wicked people have no shame.

Via FOX and Friends:


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