Former Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino Reveals This “Worst-Kept Secret” In Law Enforcement

( Exclusive) – Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino blew the lid open on the reason why law enforcement seems so capable in handling some situations and totally incompetent when it comes to handling others.

The “dirty secret” in law enforcement, according to Bongino, is that “fifty percent of security in public safety is political.”

In other words, politicians essentially make-up fifty percent of the decision making process when it comes to the handling of political criminal behavior.

The mainstream media has refused to look at any video footage from Wednesday’s siege on the capitol that raise some really interesting questions.

Why do law enforcement appear to move gates to let protesters in? Why do protesters appear to be led through the Capitol building right to the Senate chambers by a lone officers? Why are Trump supporters yelling at thugs dressed in all black attempting to break glass? Why are Trump supporters calling these thugs “Antifa” and trying to make them stop?

There is plenty of evidence to suggest that the attack on the Capitol was actually an orchestrated Antifa attack.

Nonetheless, for the sake of this article and best understanding Bongino’s statements, we’ll take the stance that those who stormed the Capitol were, in fact, actual Trump supporters.

This also just so happens to be the stance that every Democrats and many, many Republicans are taking and it really proves just how hypocritical they all really are.

Bongino pointed out on Fox News’ Hannity, that the storming of the Capitol lasted for exactly 1 day and was over. There have not been any subsequent attacks. There haven’t been any anarchist autonomous zones set up. There has been no further destruction anywhere, as a matter of fact.

Bongino noted that Washington DC has “2,300 police officers and a half billion dollar budget. The Capitol, in what is a 2.3-mile area, has a bigger police budget than the city of Detroit.”

He then asked “what the hell went wrong” then? He continued on to say that the answer is the political leaders that control DC “just don’t like the cops.” He further stated that the people of Washington DC, which is run by liberals “haven’t made a secret” about the fact that they “can’t stand the police.”

He then drew comparison between the siege at the Capitol which was over in the same day and the “siege at the White House in Washington DC, with BLM” lasting for a week.

He then explained that this was the same area of DC and involved the same DC Metro Police Department and the same federal entities yet one event was stopped entirely while one wasn’t.

Bongino explained it’s “because yesterday was a disfavored group — Trump supporters — so there was unified political support to stop it,” and then said that what happened at the White House “was a favored group – Antifa, BLM – … So nobody did anything about it.”

He then went on to drive the point home by pointing out how crime rates have been soaring in New York City where there has been significantly less movement due to coronavirus lockdowns.

He noted that the reason crime continues to skyrocket is not because police don’t know how to handle crime, it’s because of the abysmal policies by far-left political leaders like Mayor Bill de Blasio.

“The political leaders are ruining policing and you’re never going to get security and public safety until we get better political leaders. Period, full stop.”

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  1. “There is plenty of evidence to suggest that the attack on the Capitol was actually an orchestrated Antifa attack.”

    “Bongino explained it’s “because yesterday was a disfavored group — Trump supporters — so there was unified political support to stop it,” and then said that what happened at the White House “was a favored group – Antifa, BLM – … So nobody did anything about it.”

  2. When the time comes for traditional Americans to push back, they’d better be prepared to engage the uniformed thugs as part of that mission. “Back The Blue” sounds patriotic and all, but today what you’re really saying is “support the enforcer gangs wholly owned and operated by the Blue city commie mayors and DAs.” If you go into action assuming that this faction can be trusted to act honorably, you assure your own defeat.

  3. Dan is right about the police being political. The capital police are completely run by politicians. Now expand that thought out farther. The backbone of any socialist regime is a strong socialist police force. What the dumbocrats and their enablers, the money people backing them, the MSM and their brown shirt army, BLM and antifa are doing is demonizing the local police forces across the country. By doing this they are weakening local law enforcement, just look at Minneapolis, Seattle, Portland and other cities. With weaker policing and rising crime rates coupled with one party rule they can claim that because of ineffective policing they need to establish a National police force. This way they can take control over local policing and under mine local governments. This will enable the one party regime to consolidate power over the whole country. With a National police force only answerable to their regime they will have free reign to enact and enforce what ever edicts that they deem necessary to protect us. And the rest of the this story is yet to be written. Where will your loyalties lie, I will back the constitution. And remember this, we no longer have a constitutional republic, we have a political monarchy

    • The “rest of the story” has already been written. Look to communism in China, cultural revolution/maoism in China, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Cuba, NOKO. No need to guess what the future will be. The only question is IF we, the people, can change the outcome. Not sure it will be possible considering how many on the left WANT this kind of control. When the take over is complete, it will be too late to change. The key all take overs require is the young to be “all in” and the removal of a way to defend yourself – guns.

  4. Please keep us informed of what to do to support Trump and the constitutional conservative movement to save our Republic!

  5. This is about profit and loss. What was to be gained by the rioting for any conservatives? Not one thing.

    What was to be gained by the Left? Hiding the truth.

    What more does anyone need to know?

    The liberal left cannot let the facts be seen nor heard. The facts are devastating to Joe Biden and all Democrats, so they must be concealed. Period.

    • By the way, speaking of the truth, please look into Italygate and what was being shown to the Congress at 1:16 PM as the President was still speaking. This is interesting stuff if true…and looks credible to me.

    • But the corrupt Socialist Democrat Establishment Elite lie so much that they have started believing their own lies and the MSM is only interested in “Creative Journalism”.

  6. I like Dan. He always tell the truth. He’s a fighter. Please Dan expose all of those who hate our President. Our President who did so much for our country. They hated him so much cuz he’s really a true patriot who stand for the American people and who stand for the truth. Don’t get tired and don’t give up our constitution. We feel like Trump supporters are now being abandoned. Thank you!

    • Totally Agree! Cannot wait until Martial Law is applied by Trump! Trump Won the Election AND all rioting was ANTIFA….. NOT Trump Supporters (Trump supporters REALLY are the Peaceful Party)

  7. I believe that Bongino hit the nail directly and hard on the head. We have to stop listening to the main street media who not only hate Trump and his supporters but also Law Enforcement. If you look at the tapes without being biased it is plain to see that Antifa was involved and shuffled them into the offices of the Capital. This doesn’t fit the political or the medias narrative, so what the heck, just blame Trump and his supporters. I tried to find out exactly what the President said to urge violence at the Capital. The media and the left found it and are screaming for his head, but I just don’t see it. Probably been a cop too long.

  8. This article misses the whole point. Republicans had nothing to gain by stopping the Congress from hearing the truth of the fraud and how it was perpetrated. Why would they riot? Why stop the truth from coming to light?

    Conversely, the Left had every reason to stop the Congress from hearing the facts and they succeeded. They got what they wanted by giving weak kneed Rinos an out.

    Keep it simple! This is not rocket science…this is Communism working.

  9. Hey Dan, keep on keeping on with the truth.

    I’m a retired Frderal Officer, when did they change the rules of engagement? I did not see any threat to the shooter of grieves bodily harm or to a fellow officer or to an innocent bystander! So my question is why was this woman singled out and killed when there was no threat to the shooter by her?

    And if this is ok then I guess it is ok for police to shoot looters and people that riot and destroy property etc., is this the new policy?

    • Something about that shooting is suspicious. The gun looked like a .45 cal. And there was almost no blood for a neck shot. Are we sure she was actually killed?

      The cop who died walked away and was reported to have died later of a head injury. Is he really dead?

      I know this sounds like I am a nut case, but I have come to suspect everything I find strange.

  10. Exactly. The DC Mayor decline advanced support from federal law enforcement agencies. She advanced declined support from the Pentagon for National Guard.

  11. I received a thoughtless communication from our rep. Rob Wittman which emphasized the massive break down of their total missing of the mark of understanding.

    He said”. . Let me be clear: the violence, destruction, and chaos that took place at the Capitol Building on Wednesday is completely unacceptable, undemocratic, and un-American. I stand strongly against anyone who comes to our nation’s Capital — or anywhere for that matter — to perpetrate violence.”

    LET US, the American People, make it clear to these foolish people who have advocated their responsibility to defend our rights and those rights include a legal and valid vote not just fulfilling the form of a process of an election. Our rights were permanently violated. False votes were accepted which has changed the course of this country.

    Wittman goes on to say,
    “We are better than this. We must be better than this. We may disagree about many things, but we must stand for the great American tradition of peaceful disagreement and debate rather than anarchy and violence. ”

    The truthful and shameful reality is that Congress and those in many states that circumvented the laws and the rights of the live and valid citizens cannot point their finger at us and tell us that we need to be better. We pursued yet were NOT allowed ANY debate or any ability to address the violations of our voting rights in court. It is NOT A TRADITION TO as Biden said have “a massive and inclusive voter fraud organization” organized by Obama to silence the legal votes of the American citizens. He confessed to what was going to take place during the election process, but no one addressed his admission. We were told ahead of time that votes would come in during the night, clearly fraudulent votes were prepared and were shipped across state lines.

    Wittman and congress enabled this anarchy. You blame the thwarted voters of America for the work that Antifa and BLM does then you allow media to silence us.
    You have been an unfaithful servant of the American People.

  12. This country has lost its appropriate mind! Every so and so is speaking and writing about the “protesters” being in the Capital as if it was a Constitutional violation. LET ME MAKE IT CLEAR THAT IT WAS THE ANTIFA MINDED AND THE BLM MINDED SO AND SO’S WHO WERE BREAKING INTO THE CAPITAL, but again is is not a violation of the Constitution. BUT the state and Constitutional law WAS violated, WAS BROKEN AND LITTLE IS BEING SAID ABOUT THAT . In fact and pint of truth is that the fraudulent votes and fraudulent processes to STEAL OUR VOICE and set the perpetrators of the violations in charge of our country was not stopped by those that normally fill the capital. I do not hear about that violence of the silencing of our voices by the media or the threat of the violence of violating the Bill of Rights.

    Get your head on straight. the source of the anger of the protestors is the problem not the antifa and BLM that infiltrated the protest and broke into the capital.

  13. I love to listen to Dan on his podcast; he makes so much sense and reveals a lot about what goes on. If any of you haven’t listened, I would recommend it.

  14. demoncrap fund terrorists, and thats why when antifablm were burning down cities and beating people they did not call them thugs, mobs, or terrorists that all need in jail? but here they call Americans that ? is it they are just in D C to get rich and push Americans around like they do to their maids, butlers, gardeners, dog walkers and the people who wipe their ass for them after they make do do


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