Former Nazi and Democrat Donor George Soros Now Connected to Every Major Protest Since November Election

August 18, 2017 12:55 pm  

Patriot Alert!

Why are we harboring a foreign enemy?!

Under Federal law, domestic enemies lose their citizenship when they declare allegiance to a foreign power or government.

So why is dual citizen George Soros allowed to enjoy the benefits of U.S. citizenship at the same time he:

  • Uses his Hungarian citizenship to declare his allegiance to the European Union and
  • Demands the U.S. turn over its sovereignty to the United Nations?

That’s why I am counting on you to do two simple things, right away:

1) Sign your DEPORT GEORGE SOROS NOW! NATIONAL PETITION. I will deliver your PETITION, along with those of hundreds of thousands of other patriots, to President Trump and members of Congress,

2) And please make your best donation so I can begin this fight against George Soros and his billions and get him out of America, once and for all.

Revoking George Soros’ citizenship isn’t on President Trump’s “to do” list, so it will take a MASSIVE grassroots campaign to get this on his radar.

In a 2011 open letter to internationalist E.U. potentates, Soros wailed, “As concerned Europeans we urge Eurozone leaders to unite” and seize control of banking and the military.

Under Federal law you cannot be both a “European” and an American.


He can be legally stripped of his U.S. citizenship and…


So who is our government allowing him to maintain his citizenship, make profits here and avoid paying E.U. and Hungarian taxes – cash he then uses to attack our national sovereignty, lobby for open borders and demand gun confiscation?

It’s time to shut down Soros’ reprehensible multi-billion dollar scheme to use his U.S. citizenship to fund attacks on our America!

With his citizenship revoked, this anti-American slug can be DEPORTED and banned from ever setting foot again on U.S. soil!

That’s why I must ask you to sign the DEPORT GEORGE SOROS NOW! NATIONAL PETITION to me immediately!

We need to mount a massive campaign to alert President Trump and his Cabinet to the dangers of harboring this anti-American extremist now, before he does any more damage to America.

And once it is on President Trump’s radar, we must fight back against:

The radical liberals who depend on Soros’ money to fund their leftist activities…

The Democrat politicians who need Soros’ money for their campaigns…

And the anti-American gazillionaire Soros himself who is more than willing to use his vast fortune to radically change our nation.

Even if President Trump sees the light and agrees with us on deporting George Soros, his aides will tell him he should spend his time on other issues.

He won’t take action unless we make it clear this is a PRIORITY!

We must be PERSISTENT!

That means I must recruit millions of our fellow patriots to our cause and deliver millions of DEPORT GEORGE SOROS NOW! NATIONAL PETITION appeals to the White House now!

Then I must also prepare an all-out radio, TV and media blitz, because you and I must defend ourselves from the massive retaliation that we know will come from Soros and his leftist attack dogs.

Forcing the U.S. government to deport George Soros is a MASSIVE undertaking.

My legal advisors tell me it’s never been done before.

But Soros is such a clear and present danger to our national sovereignty it must be done!

He is using his U.S. citizenship to shelter his illicit profits and operate his anti-American groups.

And his U.S. citizenship in violation of Federal law!

George Soros has repeatedly declared his loyalty to the U.N. and the E.U., and demanded we bow down to them…

…direct affront to the Citizenship Oath that every naturalized citizen must take:

I hereby declare, on oath, that I absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state, or sovereignty, of whom or which I have heretofore been a subject or citizen; that I will support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America

His 2011 “We Europeans” letter was co-signed by Spanish Socialist Party leader Javier Solana, French Socialist Daniel “Danny The Red” Cohn-Bendit, “Italian Radicals” party socialist Emma Bonino and former Italian Communist prime minister Massimo D’Alema.

Soros is literally joining with European socialists and Communists to pledge his allegiance to an anti-American transnational government.

And as you know, he’s doing more than just sending letters that disqualify him from being a U.S. citizen.

  • He poured $25 million – that we know of – into efforts to give Hillary Clinton the White House.
  • He bankrolled the anti-police riots that killed dozens of people and burned down entire inner cities last year.
  • He’s bankrolling another group, the “Immigrant Voters Win” Super PAC that is accused of massive voter fraud.
  • His “Voting Rights Trust” is spending millions overturning laws that stop voter fraud.

How can a Hungarian citizen legally do this?

He can’t.

Unless he thought ahead and also acquired U.S. citizenship.

George Soros is using his U.S. citizenship as a legal loophole that allows him to bankroll efforts to put our government in the hands of foreign enemies.

Under Federal law, that’s indisputable grounds for revocation of citizenship – and deportation.

So let’s make that happen.


And with your completed NATIONAL PETITION, may I ask you to also give your best possible contribution to help the Tea Party in this all-important battle that will revoke George Soros’ citizenship and save our nation?

Your most generous gift, $2,000, $1,000, $500, $250, $100, $50, or even just $25 or more or less will help me get more of these NATIONAL PETITIONS into the hands of patriots like you.

The Trump Administration won’t act unless they see hundreds of thousands of NATIONAL PETITIONS piled in their offices.

Including yours.

Your gift in any amount would help me do that.

And I would deeply appreciate any gift you can afford.

Your most generous gift to the Tea Party will be put to the best use possible to SHUT DOWN George Soros’ evil schemes.

George Soros is laughing at America.

He’s hijacking our government, interfering in our politics and actively promoting voter fraud.

That’s illegal and he MUST be held accountable.

He must be permanently banned from U.S. politics, and from the United States itself!

So please, take just a moment to sign the DEPORT GEORGE SOROS NOW! NATIONAL PETITION so I can rub it in his face.


Steve Eichler
CEO, Tea Party

P.S. – George Soros is a threat to the United States. Born in Hungary, he acquired U.S. citizenship so he could legally bankroll U.S. groups dedicated to voter fraud, inciting riots and eradicating U.S. sovereignty.

But under Federal law, immigrants like Soros lose their U.S. citizenship when they declare their loyalty to a foreign government – as Soros did with an open letter declaring himself a “European” citizen loyal to the European Union.

The only way to shut off Soros’ funding scheme is to terminate his U.S. citizenship and deport him!  It’s a massive undertaking, and it’s never been done before like this, but under Federal law his U.S. citizenship is ILLEGAL!

So please, take just a moment to sign the DEPORT GEORGE SOROS NOW! NATIONAL PETITION.  And, if you can afford to, please also make a donation after you sign so this campaign will succeed!

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